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    Having moved to Kentucky(near family) I now realize it was a major mistake.I have spent thousands of dollars and invested in my mini farm,moved my daughter and her family and now realize it was a mistake and want to sell out and decided to move to TN.I cant keep any tools and even the minor things are a issue,so.....I have almost 3 acres with a 1/2 acre pond full of fish.2 mobile homes one not even 6 months old(new Country/barn type decor)and one that has been remolded completly with home materials(not trailer )over 2000 dollars kitchen cabnets and some Thomasville furniture can stay if interested.Just about 14 miles from Bowling Green Ky in Morgantown.If not allowed here sorry delete.another note always think and re-think moving tooooo close to family.It breaks my heart but sometimes distance is better.Cost 110,000 or best offer
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    Wow. Sucks to move after putting so much effort in. All the best in selling your property for what you put in.

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    If you are looking to move to Tennessee after you sell I have 6 vacant acres (M/L) in Hardin County just outside of Savannah. I am asking $30K but am open to an offer
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    I am looking for land in Tenn. but not buy until 2020.
    So I am no help.
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    I want to go to cades cove tenn, or further north.... Not sure yet. Good luck gabbyj! I hope it works out for you!
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    Have a link to the listing?
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    No but anyone interested can text me for pictures at 321-626-4940
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    OUCH--I love it here in Ky.
    Our property, just one house and one acre, would have cost a lot more in Tn.
    We moved from Robertson Co. for several reasons.
    Overrun with Mexicans, growing too fast, and a few more reasons not mentioning.
    I have checked real estate there now due to needed downsizing and can't even find a 2br/1ba house livable less than 100,000.
    Here in Logan Co., there are really nice 3br/1ba @ 70,000/80,000.
    Good luck with Tn.
    I'm never going back--I can't afford to. :(
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