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    I have been reading many of the posts and find numerous comments that are excellent. One can never stop learning and gaining the experience of others can be very good lessons. My contribution to this is the one single most important tool you own is your mind frame. Proper attitude, the ability to think things out logically in emergencies is the number one priority. Once you have a logical sequence of tasks you need to accomplish, your survival rate increases dramatically.
  2. DJgang

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    I am very fortunate to have a husband whom compliments my attitude...if that makes sense...where I worry or get up tight, he is in control...where he gets uptight, I am in control..... :beercheer:

    Good thoughts for today, :2thumb:

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    And your servival depends on tanka bar sales???:wave:
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    No tanka bars depend on him for survival. ;)
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    No, but it keeps me I ain't giving up my day job...
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  6. Genevieve

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    I don't think those of us who have been doing this for years are going to go running around like idiots. We have a game plan and backups. This ain't a spur of a moment,"hobby" for some of us.
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    IMHO the best way not to get caught up in the madness is to get home or to your bol as quickly as possible. Do not try to interact with all the crazies running to and fro. Stay close to family and friends. I know for myself there will be so many last minute preps to do at home, I won't have time to worry about the unprepared rest of the world.
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    I just keep a steady course and fill in the gaps when I can despite all the bad news lately. I've been doing this for nearly two years so I think if I just started this now I'd be in a panic. It could be overwhelming to those who are just now starting their prepping journey.