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  1. *Andi

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    Who said politicians can't keep a promise ... I remember Mr. O telling us ... He would as president, bankrupt the coal power plants. :congrat: :)mad:)

    American Electric Power Co. Inc. says it will have to shut down five plants and make cutbacks at six others to comply with new rules proposed for coal-fired power plants.

    The power generator based in Columbus, Ohio, said Thursday that the plan being considered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would lead to a net loss of 600 AEP power plant jobs. CEO Michael Morris says businesses could see electric rates rise by more than 35 percent...

    (per our local news)

    It would be nice to have a back up plan in place... (I would think) What is 600 more jobs lost and electric rates going up (again) ...

    Happy Friday !!! :flower:
  2. power

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    Why do they have to keep the promises that do the most damage.
    If I remember right he also made several promises about the price of gas.
    Looks like he might keep that one also.

  3. DJgang

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    I just much does this government want people to rely on them for their living, aka entitlements (some are good some are bad)...

    Isn't this the first step toward communism. Make the people rely on the government?
  4. Nadja

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    From watching very closely for the last 2-1/2 years, he has almost succeded in bankrupting this country. His goal is a socialisim type of govt after all. Just think about this, we have enough oil in this country to keep us going, at our present rate of growth to last us aprox. 10,000 years, yet , we don't drill for it. Why ? We are letting the unions bankrupt all of our states instead of stepping in , Why ? We are starting wars that will lead to bankruptcy and depleating our service resourses, Why ? We are creating czars to control our daily exsistance, Why ? The IRS even controlling our medical needs , Why ? Not to mention creating more and more taxes to bankrupt our companies or drive them out of the country ? Even Kerry is moving Heinz over to China and he is without a doubt part of the master plan they have in store for us.

    When you put this all together it spells doom for our free living society. We will soon be told when we can go to the bathroom and how long we can stay in there. If he is not stopped and stopped soon, out capitalist system will be no longer.
  5. gypsysue

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    If they bankrupt the country, where will they get the money for all those entitlements? :scratch

    It seems to me like they should prefer an employed public that paid taxes, and that if the public was employed and happily spending money, they wouldn't be riled up and griping as much about how the goobermint is spending money. Seems like the politicians would actually get away with more, unnoticed.

    I know, greed and control. But still...seems like a dumb plan to me, to break and bankrupt us. I see it happening, I know it's happening, but it still makes me shake my head. *sadly shakes head and sighs*
  6. JayJay

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    I believe this with all my heart----the elites plan is to bankrupt the entire world, not just the western world.
    I read today that the Libya troubles is really to steal from their banks, corporations, and anything to destroy their economy so the global capitalists can swoop in and buy all assets for pennies on the dollar----why then don't we smarten up and realize that is the plan for America...
    It began with the housing collapse, GM, banks---why not the energy corporations?? After all, they failed with global warming and all that junk science to steal from energy companies.
  7. gypsysue

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    Yes, but...why? Why crush everyone and take away jobs and happiness? Weren't even "they" better off when most people were working and paying taxes and wrapped up in their own spending and not watching and griping about all the government spending and all that?

    It was like the haydays for them during the times of abundance, and I just don't see what these plots to bankrupt the country or world will gain them. I don't see where destroying our nation or capitalism can be of gain to anyone, even the people/corporations/governments credited for being behind it.

    Even those who support socialist or communist ideas should be able to see how countries who have lived that way, historically and contemporarily, have failed. Only a few "good" examples, such as Singapore, exist of those kinds of societies/governments, and even they have so many rules that your whole life is regulated.

    Clearly, these things are happening, I'm not disputing that. But why?
  8. jungatheart

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    The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that the people doing this are insane and oblivious to the inevitable outcome of what they're doing.
    I can't see any other logic.
  9. JayJay

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    I've read so much about this evil 'cabal' it makes my head ache...the elitist don't think like us--they are EVIL....Taxes will be the farthest removed entity from their minds when they achieve what they want...depopulation first...and then complete control...the air, the water, the food, our jobs, our family duties, our family sizes, electricity usage, gas's crazy...but it looks like they will win if we don't keep our guns and stop this take-over.
    TPTB wish to return to serf days with the company store...we all heat the same way, eat the same food, our lives will be so ordinary--separated into the educated and serfdom categories. COMPLETE CONTROL. Like destroying farms (Brazil) and farm land...they accomplish two shortages to starve 3rd world countries(depopulation) and control to reign in the masses(guns for food, etc.).
  10. power

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    To some people power is more important than money.
    Power over other people is like a drug. The more power you get the more you want and need. Power is why many people get into politics. When they get elected they gain power over a certain group of people. They like the feeling of making decisions for other people and forcing the people to accept their decisions. How their decisions affect other people does not matter to them as they think they make better decisions than anyone else.
  11. Immolatus

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    I am concused also sue, but along jays line of thinking, only one thing comes to mind. Slavery for all.