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    I would love to see an Electronics section or even better a Review section in our forumz ;)

    I have been looking at binoculars, night vision, inflatable boats, long range hand held cb's, electrolyte drinks, water proof /hand cranking flash lights, etc...

    Of course I do research but it would be great to include reviews to discover which the best is.

    I was looking for the best short or foldable shovel recently and discovered great support for the Gerber and NATO shovel. As it turns out these have either suffered manufacturing flaws or do not come close to the Functionality of another better made shovel.

    The Chinese WJQ-308 would have to be my recommendation (at this point).

    If reviewing products, we must keep racism and personal preference out of the discussion. It has to be on the facts and only the facts.

    I’m Australian and I’m very proud of Australian made products but when it comes to what the best is, I don’t give a **** where it’s made.

    As long as it does what it says it can do and lasts.

    Ed. Out.
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    What kind of electronics section? Communications touches on electronics and how to use them, but, not repair them. Electricity and OTG-power systems touch on another level of electricity.

    What would you see a section on Electronics help a person homesteading vs. going to a forum dedicated to electronics (like the forums that I visit that are dedicated to AutoCAD or Jeeps or motorbikes - some of which I have no control over).