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    been around many forums, hood woods, yahoo groups. hubby was at one time alpharubicon so we have been a long time pro survival types. before there was computer i was with books.. john seymour the complete book of self suffency is one of my faviorites. so i old time prep as well new preps.
    so books come now in PDF .
    iam known as the windy city nurse. so health care is one of my strong points.
    hubby and i did compairsion planting. hydro v/s self water pot..for the best tomatoes. so we come with some experience. give ya a hint our own homemade self water pots did better that aerothingy that we bought.
    yours truely prizm63
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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy!

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    welcome to the forum :congrat:

    what is the 'aerothingy'? one of those topsy turvy tomato planters?

    have you tried any airponics?
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum. Wow, you have a lot of information I'm sure you will be able to share with us! That is wonderful! Looking forward to reading some of yours posts for sure!