Primitive Weapons Game

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  1. Amadeaus

    Amadeaus Member

    Matock, shovel, stone knives, deer antler, flashlight empty gun, belt, canteen on a strap.
  2. jsriley5

    jsriley5 Well-Known Member

    Boer Spear will let you do everything a bo staff will do and add benefits of a thrusting slashing weapon with impressive reach keep the hordes of black Friday Sheeple from stampeding over you and get you your respectful space. And if you just gotta it can be thrown however far your arm can loft it. Would probably be a first assembled from whatever study 5 or 6 ft shaft I can find if lucky maybe one of those "unbreakable" fiberglass shovel or hoe handles and a head of whatever comes to hand maybe a peice of pipe just right to fit over one end then split it on one side pound it open sharpen and use till somthing beter comes along. while I"m making it a good ole fashioned sledge hammer as both a tool and a weapon once you knockem down with the light end a good whack with the heavy end will put the lights out. Once I have my spear I can take my time making a Bow, Atlatl or some other ranged weapon. OH and a nice peice of piano wire with a couple hands incase any of those Gang bangers that still have ammo around be sneaky get behind em use your Garrote and take that jammy!

  3. For people trying to stampede your garden when SHTF, multiple barreled potato guns with spiked potatoes (use thorns): may not kill, but definitely protects the garden! Lmao!
  4. Small sized catapult loaded with hornets nests! That will keep intruders at bay
  5. Boomy

    Boomy Archive of Useless Knowledge

    Old school sling (David & Goliath)
    Cane with brass head
    Gerber Brush Thinner
    Tomahawk and knife combo
    Can of hornet spray
    1"nut on the end of 4' of paracord
  6. semperscott

    semperscott Well-Known Member

    For primitive I would look at history and copy the weapons of the best primitive infantry I could find; the Roman soldier. So that means I would have a Gladius, shield and short throwing spear.
  7. Hooch

    Hooch Well-Known Member

    could a poop fire bomb in a glass be thrown to keep someone at bay?? like a sloppy goo of kerosene n crap mixture, put in a nice micro-brew bottle, wick, light n throw ..stinky fire bound to cause infected cuts n burns..

    how bout for close contact a sh*t shank... or sh*t on a blade?

    I know where people hide them if they wana keep their hands free..hee hee

    well a shank anyways...
  8. Magus

    Magus Scavenger deluxe

    Leather gauntlets, covered in rubber cement and rolled in broken glass.if he grabs your hands,you peel his palms!
    Chainsaw chain with a grip.
    1X1 oak strip with safety razors bolted on like an Aztec mace!
    Stainless steel ice pick covered in syrup, then rolled in citric acid.[ever get lemon juice in a fresh cut?]
    Squirt gun full of drainbuster or battery acid.aim for the eyes.

    Follow any of the above up with a tomahawk or a throat stomp!
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  9. Hooch

    Hooch Well-Known Member


    what about a big whip with razor blades attached or sown on the end and they are dipped in sh*t or dead thing goo....that'd be evil too..better know how to use it though...

    I like the water gun idea filled with drain buster or acid..I imagine the gun wouldnt last long but what fun n chaos that would cause...:sssh:
  10. cengasser

    cengasser Member

    Baseball bat with nails in the end.
    Plastic bat filled with sand or rocks.
    Darts or arrows/bolts with venom on them.
    Maybe not so primitive...
  11. fondini

    fondini Well-Known Member

    Jawbone with teeth to make long gash wounds

    Corkscrew for eyeball removal
  12. Magus

    Magus Scavenger deluxe

    Anybody pick "a big ol' rock" yet? :p
  13. Boomy

    Boomy Archive of Useless Knowledge

    Cat-o-nine tails
    Wire coins together for a sword/whip (used by conquistadors on Aztecs)
    Rabbit stick
    Chinese stars
    Throwing knives and axes
    Good ol fashion war club
  14. Boomy

    Boomy Archive of Useless Knowledge

    Iroquois war club
    Mace (as in medieval)
    Battle hammer (medieval)
  15. HozayBuck

    HozayBuck Well-Known Member

    BAck during the late great unpleasantness called the "Nam" the spooks were going crazy coming up with new bad things..

    One that I know they tried but I can't say how it worked out for them was the Wrist Rocket but it was set up to cradle a very thin light weight arroe with a very nasty broad head, I never heard or saw how it wne but always had plans to try it. Another one the suppressed 12 ga shotgun. Never heard anything back on it but I know there are some being made today.
  16. Magus

    Magus Scavenger deluxe

    Saw a silent shotgun shell once,but due to the way it was made it could only deliver either a dart or 5 00 buck pellets.
  17. trooper0366

    trooper0366 Junior Member

    How 'bout a gunny sack full of copperheads, cotton mouths and your pick of any or all the breeds of rattlesnake. Sew a handle on the bottom of the sack and sling them out on any advancing mob. For individual use, have single snake sacks. You could even have bags full of brown recluse or black widow spiders. For fixed site defense you may have snake pits around the perimiter. Probably many other ways to use snakes. Even if they don't bite they scare the do-do out of unsuspecting malcontents.
  18. Redtail

    Redtail Well-Known Member

    I'm very fond of the utility and weapon value of halberds, pole-axes and similar weapons. Once my ammunition runs out, assuming I make it that long, I'll be rocking a brush axe with a bolt in the base ground down to a point for glass-breaking.

    Other than that, I'm with Magus. DOes the Nagant count as a "primitive weapon"? Once it's out of ammo, it makes a pretty nominal fighting spear. :D
  19. cazetofamo

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