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I know I've seen Pri products discussed but can't seem to find it.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Pri, it is a stabilizing product for long term fuel storage. Pri-D for diesel and Pri-G for gas. It is similar to the more well known sta-bil but much more effective in my opinion. After only 1 winter I've had small engines treated with sta-bil that wouldn't start.


I just became aware that Pri-D will work in both gas and diesel but not the other way around.

This is a post from another forum:

I have been using PRI for years and love it. This stuff really works. I had a couple of 55 gal drums of gas that I stored out at my dad's farm. It was there for over 5 years. I also had a drum of diesel there also. I brought them home and added PRI to them and I used it all up with no problems. I called PRI and asked them about their products restoring old fuel and they told me that it does indeed restore old fuel.

I needed to order some more and the guy told my that if I needed both gas and diesel, I would only have to order PRI-D. The PRI-D works in both gas and diesel. However, the PRI-G will only work in gas. I ordered a whole gal of the PRI-D and it goes in all my stored fuel.

And here is a response from another member in the same thread that was concerned that this information may have come from a distributor that had overstocked D and was just trying to unload it on unsuspecting customers:

...I just got off the phone with David at Pri corp.

He affirmed that the information is can use Pri-D to treat both gas and diesel but not the other way around.

He also informed me that there are some folks in the Anch/Wasilla area setting up as distributors for AK and we will soon have access here in the land of the Blue Barrels...

I've been meaning to add Pri-G to my list of things to store but it appears that you only need to keep D to take care of both. :)

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Where do you get the stuff? Auto parts stores, or do you have to order it? That would definately be worth having around.
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