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    Today , President Obama , Ordered the justice department to refuse to defend any state useing the "Defence of Marriage Act". President Obama stated that he, considered the law to be unconstutitional !

    What other laws will he decide are unconstitutional ?

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    Part of the problem is that as the head of the executive branch, Obama has the executive power to determine how the DOJ does it's job. He does not have the power to decide what laws are Constitutional or not, but there is precedent for a president ignoring SCOTUS decisions.

    The State of Georgia wanted to evict the Cherokee tribes from treaty land because gold had been discovered on it. The Cherokee tribe took the matter to the Supreme Court, where then Chief Justice John Marshal presided.

    The case, Cherokee Indians vs. The State of Georgia, led to two Supreme Court decisions in 1831 and 1832 upholding the rights of the Cherokee nation over the State of Georgia.

    Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that Georgia had no jurisdiction to interfere with the rights of the Cherokee and held that their removal would violate treaties between them and the federal government.

    Jackson, not liking these decisions, was reported of saying "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it. Subsequently, although under President VanBuren, Jackson's cohort and successor, federal troops forced some 15,000 Cherokees to leave Georgia in winter, leading to what became known as the Trail of Tears for the many who died en route.

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    How about not enforcing voter intimidation with the Black Panthers? How about changing contract law concerning General Motors. We have a dictator and are in denial about it.

    This has gotta be harder for us that are old and lived in the Real United States.
    I really miss it.
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    nothing like a divisive issue to distract everyone from what a ****e job he's doing.
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    I believe he thinks his job is to destroy the United States and I think he's doing a great job of it.
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    I have to agree with The Blob.... it's an intentional distraction.

    Don't Ask, Don't Tell... he was against but continued to defend until the ruling was changed. There is no reason he can't do the same here.

    In his Libya speech yesterday there was, to us, thinly veiled threats. "There will be consequences..." type speech. Is this perhaps the groundwork to invade another oil producing country?

    If they can get us arguing over gay marriage again, then we'll not be paying attention to the other stuff going on. MSM yesterday spent as much time covering the marriage statement as they did on all of the middle east falling apart coverage which makes me believe they MSM playing right into someone's master plan if not part of it.

    OK, tin foil hat off now.
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    I agree a lot of the manufactured drama in Washington is to devert the public from what they are really doing. Be vigillant, be aware of the general and financial news, there are still reporters out there that will give the truth. Be watchful there are other hot spots in the world that may come to a boil while we have our attention on North Africa.
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    Remember his 'old job' as "community organizer" - he learned to coerce The People to get what his masters wanted. The Puppet learned to pull the strings of others.

    We really need to give him his 'pink slip' in 2012....... :rolleyes:
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    Here I will fix everything.

    Today, Philjam, speaking on behalf of "Prepared Society," declares that Barracks Hussein Obama's recent proclamations on marriage are null and void. Furthermore, we do not recognize him as having any authority regarding this subject.
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    Fixed. ;):D

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    Who, me???

    Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him. :cool: