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    In the last week I have heard a conversation on CSPAN radio (from a congressman) about the effects of an EMP and the need to be prepared to survive anywhere from 3 days to 4 years, and yesterday I saw a segment on the weather channel saying that people need to be prepared to survive anywhere from a few days to even permanently as a result of extreme weather.

    It may not be common, yet, but it is on people's minds.

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    I have been able to get some on board by pointing out the cost of everyday items. Advising them when they see an item on sale that they use stock up.
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    Here recently i have been hearing alot of public service messages on the radio about being prepared and have at least 3 days of supplies at hand. This was from homeland security.
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    There has been a bigger push (like to wake people up to the fact that the system that everyone has basically relied on for the last 60+ years is starting to fail. In the 1920's, the majority of people were self-sufficient, only needing to visit the stores for little things. By the end of the 40's, people were spending more time at the stores and less time in the gardens. By the end of the 60's, flower-power took over and most of those hippies are getting ready to retire from work after raising families, workin' their 9-to-5 jobs and not having time to garden like they thought they would when they were in their 20's.

    Now, we have very few gardens in the world, everyone is relying on the big farms just as we have moved from creating our own power (micro power generating) and have gone to massive power plants (macro power generating) with massive grids to tie everything together. A recipe for disaster ... and the PTB know it!
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    Glenn Beck has a sponsor called I'm surprised that advertising on the radio makes sense for them. They must be getting enough business to justify the advertising. I wouldn't buy that kind of food. I'd rather buy stuff I currently eat.

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    In our business we have found the response completely mixed. There are those that come in with some nature of disaster prep specifically in mind. They are very serious, have done their research and are ready to make a move. And then there are those that come in randomly and ask if people really 'do' this stuff.

    What I do appreciate though is the sense of silent camaraderie among those who are preparing. It is expressed through a quiet smile or handshake, behind such a feeling of peace in preparedness. That silent bond will only continue to grow in this crazy world.
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    Hey, that gives me an idea, some kind of secret handshake!

    Given the earthquake we just had, and the possible upcoming hurricane maybe more people will wake up.
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    Hurricane Andrew woke me up, I have gone from 3 days worth of preps to a year.;)
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    I like that.

    And I never expected to have that 'bond' with my brother. The two of us are as different as night and day, polar opposites politically, spiritually, and well, any other way, too. But just last week I found out he's been working on stocking up on food - and I swear my heart did a flip. Never expected to share this common interest with my brother, of all people. (Although in hindsight, he was one block away from the towers when the first plane flew directly overhead and he raced to get his family back to their apartment, filling up the bathtub and any containers they had with water...)

    So while he'e here from NYC, I took him to Sam's Club to stock up (since a place like that is not accessible to him in NYC). We had a great time. That sounds kinda weird, but it's true. :D
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    A neighbor told my dh and me she heard on the news that the grocery had only 3 days of food in any given moment...

    Dh and I just gave the "DUH" look!!! Then I explained what JIT meant....these people are soooo fricking screwed...absolutely witout a doubt>>:mad:
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    I talked to two different couples that I know from church that I met in grocery stores recently. One saw me with 24 jugs of water and asked me what I was doing with the water. I told them about hyperinflation and said that I was stocking up on a year's supply of food and water. They seemed to believe that hyperinflation was coming but still thought that stocking up was weird. I don't get it.

    I ran into the other couple today. We got talking about the economy. They definitely believe in hyperinflation. They bought some coins but it doesn't sound like they've stocked up on food. I don't get it. Would you rather buy 100 cans of soup at 79 cents each or wait until they're $5 each?
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    You can lead that horse to water.......

    I believe that the vast majority of folks in this Country have the ostrich syndrome.:scratch

    All you can do is try to get through to people, but don't let it get you down just keep on prepping and doing what you know is right.
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    Yep yep yep. The same thing happened to me recently. The Dollar Store had 2 liters of off brand pop on sale for .75cents!!! I bought 20 bottles 2 days in a row. Went back in a couple days later and the store clerk asked if we had drank all that pop already. I said, Nope, only one. She replied, Then why did you buy all that pop? I said, cuz today its .75, tomorrow it could be a dollar, the next it could be 2, and so on. We drink tea and water 90% of the time, but sometimes we like to have some caffeine. lol!

    Now it's even saving us money again! Hubby has been taking 1 bottle to work with him and is bypassing buying a 20oz bottle each for breakfast, lunch, break and the ride home. Figure $2 for each drink he buys is $8. He takes a 2L from home, saves himself $7. Brings it home, I wash it out and then fill it with water and put back on the shelf for drinking water. :)
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    BillS...I hear ya, I hear ya, I hear ya...Amen brother!!!

    But for me, it's not even the prices any longer...look around, when do we navigate the internet that we not read of a natural disaster somewhere on this earth??
    The rich may be fooled, like, my neighbor; you may have the money to pay $10 for a can of soup or that red dye for those cute little hummingbird feeders---but you also may get to that store and those shelves be empty for oodles of mainly being floods and droughts has led to food shortages..or what about Monsanto's project to totally obliterate our seed crops with their crap and fertilizers??
    And she worked at DG for 17 years and doesn't get it??? She shops every week and doesn't get it??
    I just do not get them!!!:gaah:
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    That's a good point. There may not be food to buy at any price. I'm glad I got a year's supply of food now.
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    Good idea.Prices are rising everyday now on food.
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    I recently had 2 of my coworkers approach me and ask about buying long term food supplies. I gave them the names of a couple of suppliers, and the conversation that followed was interesting. One is worried about natural disasters, and one is worried about the complete downfall of civilization as we know it.

    Motivations for prepping may be very different, but it's becoming more socially acceptable to be prepared. Heck, the Boy Scouts have been doing it for a really long time!
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    This day and age, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. You can never be preparred for everything, but you can be preparred for all the "normal" type disasters that are always coming. I only have about 3 friends that know I am prepping, as they are too. When I go into town once or twice a week, I see a lot of people also buying in quanity like myself. It's hard, but everyone should buy what they can.

    When I want a can of chili, I buy at least two, same with pretty much all else. After a year or two, you really start seeing the difference in your pantry. If you wanted to put your feet under my desk, you would be hard pressed, as it is loaded with no. 10 cans. I add to them every chance I get.
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    My SIL came to visit last week for the first time in a couple of years. She saw my pantry and was amazed. Her, what's in all those silver bags? Me, oh, not much rice, oatmeal, wheat and some other stuff. Her, wow, that's a lot of food. Me, nah, its not so much. When we get one of our famous snow storms or the power is out or, insert other trouble here, I like being ready for it. Her, you've got a lot of water too. Me, yeah if the power is out my well pump doesn't work. I mentioned the towns in Vermont that were completly cut off by the storm recently. That's pretty much the end of the conversation.

    Next morning she says, you know I've been thinking about this food storage thing. Maybe I should do some of that too. I keep a case of water but maybe I should get some rice. I suggested maybe cereal, peanut butter, soup, easy stuff.

    I had to explain the concept of just in time. She had no idea. She thinks because she lives in a very large city food will always be there.I'm going to wait a few days and ask her if she's done anything. I'm not optimistic but I've got my fingers crossed anyway.

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