Prepping is now a terrorist activity

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Asatrur, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I doubt many Army-Navy surplus stores give a rat's ***.

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    I doubt they do either... but I fit most of those things on the list except I have all my fingers and no stains on my clothes. I dont smell bad either... do I????
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    Whats this got to do with the oathkeeepers?:confused:
    I went to the site,but did'nt see anything about preppers being terrorist.Of course I did'nt click on every thread there either.
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    wow they are truley clueless, i am again dissapointed in our feds
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    I think its safe to assume that sites like this one are being monitored.

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    Clinton started this crap in the 90's.wonder if its just now kicking in?
  10. Meerkat

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    Its both parties,not just the libs.As evidenced by this last bunch of rinos we elected.
    There is no politicle savior for us.Its now completely up to the people to save themselves from tyranny and dictatorship.
    But if we act violently we will be doing exactly what they want us to do. They are hoping for civil war or violence to declare marshall law.
    Biden and Doyle calling conservative Tea Partyers terrorist.
  11. kejmack

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    Okay, so we can't "profile" young islamic males as terrorists, but people who stock up at the surplus store are suspicious?

    I'm sure everyone who posts on this site is already in some file somewhere.
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    Yep, and mine's getting bigger all the time. :cool:
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    Yah think? :eek:

    Sorry, I had to. :D

    I just stumbled across the same info that the OP put up here. So, if i want to follow FEMA advice and have a few days or weeks of LTS food that easy to prepare, i.e. MREs and I believe in not being like the government so I use cash instead of running up my credit card I have now set off two flags. Heck if I had a bean burrito for lunch and accidentally spilled a bit on my shirt and let's say that burrito isn't sitting so well on my stomach.... well, I've now set off four flags.

    This program and See Something Say Something both smack of the same methods the Nazi's used in getting everyone to spy on everyone else... or even in the US back in the McCarthyism days.
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    Significantly alters appearance from visit to visit, hair color, style and dress.

    WOMAN ARE TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!:eek: I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Always telling me Im wrong, those private bathroom meetings they do, we all know what book clubs and scrap booking lead to. Many of them garden as a front to hide their mixtures of deadly chemicals.
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    you forgot to mention that when we tell you we're going to the beauty parlor, we are actually practicing face camo.......!! :ignore:
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    They are throwing the "terrorist" name around as frequently these days as the word "racist". Maybe we are all racist terrorists? Or, would that be terrorist racists?

    I began attending terrorist training classes given by the FBI and others years ago. I worked in public safety and "terrorism" was the new buzz.

    Back then there was a specific definition for what a terrorist was. Mostly international terrorists, they would use violence or otherwise create fear in the populace in order to achieve a political or religious goal. Now anyone could be called a terrorist. Disagree with the marxist policies of this president and you may be viewed as a terrorist. Support a third-party candidate - terrorist. Belong to the NRA, Oathkeepers, sport certain bumper stickers - terrorist.

    This maniacal, marxist, entrenched criminal government is fearful of "We the People" and are labeling all of us as potential terrorists. There are so many useless laws now that it is impossible for any of use to go through the day without violating something. It is intended to be that way. If any of us are ever targeted, there will always be something we can be convicted of. We are now all criminals. We are now all potential domestic terrorists.
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    Oh yes. :eek:
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    I reckon that I am on a few of these 'lists'. My problem is with just WHO is defining things like 'terrorist' and 'bad guy'. And with just WHO is making these lists, and for what purpose.
    Well..... the PTB are very naive if they don't realise THEY are on a few 'lists' too....... They are not the only ones to learn Rahm's lesson of using catastrophes and disasters for a 'greater good'. Don't stomp the rattler and he won't bite........
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    Not actively, no. I promise.If someone on here were the subject of an investigation, then perhaps. But not just as a matter of course.
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    As for the original post, I read the poster and really see nothing wrong with it. It is not saying that anyone who fits into any single aspect of the poster is a terrorist; it is saying to be aware of what you are seeing. If a person pays cash for their purchases, fine. If a person pays cash for their purchases, asks where he can buy 55 gallon drums, fertilizer, and blasting caps, has recently shaved off a beard, is wearing a hood and sunglasses.... it might be fishy. The reason that they want to see IDs, is that sometimes they will get lists of names and aliases which known terrorists in the are are using; hopefully a lucky tip could result.

    Tips from concerned citizens are a huge help in criminal investigations. Officers and agents cannot be everywhere at once, and the extra intelligence gathered by the people on the streets can very often make all the difference. I know of at least one case where a terrorist plot to blow up a holiday celebration was foiled because a random citizen received an email from a cell member who sent his email to the wrong address. The unintended receipient called the local FBI office and started the ball rolling. Hundreds of lives were saved and a terrorist cell was shut down because one person was brave enough to step up and help out.

    If anyone is really concerned about being pigeon-holed as a "terrorist".... don't act like one. Make friends with the folks at the surplus stores at which you shop. Don't make furtive movements when you see a camera in a store. Show your ID to the clerk. Be open and honest about what you are buying and doing. Prepping is not illegal ( I know several officers and agents who do it).