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    I'd be interested in hearing from other prepper/survivalist people who are also licensed pilots. I've been flying for a little over 40 years; Commercial/Instrument/Single&Multi-engine Land/Single-engine Sea; aircraft owner (C-170B). A bush plane makes a good G.O.O.D. platform.
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    wow:2thumb: I haven't been flying THAT long (haven't been alive that long ;) ) but I have been flying since the womb...

    got my PPL (SEL, MEL, IR) I qualify for CP & ATP in hours & legally age-wise, but I'm just not that interested :dunno:

    only ever flew a Helio with pontoons, slow but the PE is like 95% of the page
    flown everything from an Aircoup to a Queenair

    if I ever decide to own a larger plane, I'm thinking Baron, I loves me my Beechcraft! :beercheer:

    thought about rotorcraft but idk if I would ever own one that didn't already fall under experimental or sport licensing anyway so probably pointless :dunno: