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Have you ever met someone so drastically different from you that they immediately drove you away? In life, it is natural to meet people who are different. While some of those we may meet will seem odd to us, it is also possible that we may seem odd to them. As a prepper, you are going to at some point encounter people who do not agree with your belief system. They might even think you are crazy. Others, however, may be intrigued and wish for you to be their mentor. How you handle each of these and all those in between is up to you.

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While there is nothing wrong with being who you are and doing what you like to do, people sometimes get nosey and judgmental regardless. They also like to disregard what they do not know about or understand, and in some cases that may include you. You should never change who you are or abandon what you enjoy based on public opinion, but if the public is not interested in your enriching experiences and wisdom, then you might as well accept that you are better off sharing it with only the likeminded individuals you know. In cases such as that, it is best to simply smile, nod, and maintain your facade.

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As kids, many of us wanted to stand out and be different, drawing attention to ourselves. As we age, blending into normalcy tends to become more appealing. When you are greeted with a barrage of questions and opinions regarding your desire to prep for when the SHTF, it may appeal to you more to simply blend. Be normal, ordinary, or even boring. If you meet someone who truly shares your mindset and wants to learn, then by all means embrace that, but if you are surrounded by those who insist you are foolish or crazy, maybe the lines of communication between them and you need to be severed, or at least muted. Your passion for prepping is probably something you want to discuss, but trying to share with those who do not care is not always going to get good results.

Instead of putting yourself out there to be on the receiving end of weird looks and stares, adopt a causal relationship with those you encounter. Be friendly but keep your distance until you learn enough about someone to determine if there is common ground upon which you both stand. If so, gradually open up. If not, keep it impersonal.

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Believe it or not, in addition to a lack of acceptance, it is also possible that people who do not share your beliefs will become hostile with you for no reason. If you have stickers on your vehicle representing a controversial organization or supporting firearm use, for example, you may be putting a target on yourself. Those who do not feel the same way may heckle you or try to suggest to others, including police, that you are dangerous or a troublemaker.

It is sad times we live in when accepting the beliefs of others has become the exception and not the rule. Unfortunately to maintain a functional life, there may be times when you have to grin and bear it, trudging through this new societal norm and ignoring your desire to share information with others.

In the end, when a true TEOTWAWKI situation comes along, don't be surprised if those people see the light and come running to you for help.

While love of your fellow man is a basic building block to what makes us civilized, just be prepared to make that decision whether or not to turn away those who once turned on you.

Whats your thoughts on this? How much information about your prepping do you share with your neighbors and co-workers? Drop us a comment below.
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