Preparing for November?

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  1. CrackbottomLouis

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    The water is hot and getting hotter. Best to prepare now. There is so much I would like to do but can't. Guess I'll keep chugging along with plan A.
  2. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    We hope to learn to grow beans ,greens and potatoes. Like somebody else here said a good staple diet. We didn't plant many potatoes or beans because we canned so many beans and potatoes were cheap at store. But now we are learnign to grow them.

    Not much food to put up lately, spent money on other things that are important.

  3. readytogo

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    According to many web sites and doctors we should drink about ¾ of a gallon of water daily or about 270 gallons a year under normal conditions, no stress, no heat, no activities, so keeping this in mind, 1 cup of rice needs 2 cups of water or 16 oz ,beans required more ;that`s a lot of water. And that`s not including sanitation, cleaning, showers, watching the new truck, etc .So how much water do you have? You have to take into account cooking the dry goods that you have so carefully stored; they will do you no good without water, just 45 gallons a year to just cook 1 cup of rice per day, not including the beans or meat or the dishes. Water is critical and is never calculated properly, we assume we will have it but you know what happens when you ***-ume .So if you are prepping for a Dooms Day scenario or major issues after the elections or a grid down syndrome, you better have lots of water, or a very expensive water desalination system if you lived near the ocean like me. And my group has one already.
  4. AmishHeart

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    I think Crackbottom Louis was talking about the frog in the pot...the water getting hotter. (things getting worse). Not really about how much water to store.

    But, Bless your heart anyway.
  5. Griff

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    A lot of great information and suggestions here. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

    A new question, still related to my original: If you're not doing anything different than your usual preparations and maintenance, is it because you're already set, or just don't see the need?

    Please don't misunderstand. I'm not looking to set up an alarmist echo chamber, just trying to figure what I'm missing, or where I may be over-reacting (or would that be over-planning?) Mom says she's too old and set in her ways to care any more, and Dad's been gone for a while, so I can't ask them. Lots of good memories and lessons, though.
  6. CrackbottomLouis

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    It's easy to get caught up in current events and panic buy. I try not to do this as I have a steady plan I follow and find when I get off track by buying too much or too little I tend to lapse more dramatically. Slow and steady wins the race for me. Plus I have to explain unusual expenditures to the wife who is on board but not on board for dramatic swings. Best to chug along. Before you know it you'll be ahead of the game. Now, if I hit the lottery........
  7. Caribou

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    There are a few things that I might speed up slightly but not much. Like I said, I use periods like this as a test. Each time I am better prepared. I don't expect to ever be fully prepared.

    I don't worry about it because worry does not benefit me. It is a waste of energy. Stressing out makes it harder for me to accomplish my goal. It also makes prepping less fun. The more fun I have the more I want to do it.

    I've been here before without disaster happening. While I constantly prepare for the worst I do hope for the best.
  8. LastOutlaw

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    The garden is in, chickens are in, goats are in, hogs are next then cows maybe. If there is time and money after that maybe a pond to stock.
  9. Balls004

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    It's a good question, Griff. We haven't really changed our prepping plans, not because we think that we are prepared for anything that comes down the road, but because our plan has to be sustainable now, as well as when the shtf and afterwards.

    If our plan was guided by the nightly news, we'd be broke and still not ready for whatever happens. As it is right now, we have enough to make it through most short term calamities without having to make much of an adjustment. We don't do a lot of long term plans, other than gardening and livestock, simply because I feel that where we live, we won't be able to protect, nor move our assets if things get really bad. That makes our next option somewhat nomadic, and we have that pretty well covered, if not an ideal plan.

    We don't have a plan that is set in stone. We have what we need to change our plan on the fly and then hope that we made the right move related to what is facing us. That's all we can realistically do.

    My advice is to steadily increase the items that you think you'll need, and learn as much as you can while it's free from the price of having to learn it the hard way. Knowledge weighs nothing, and is worth much more than any other item you acquire in your preps.

    Hope this helped a little.
  10. Cotton

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    In November I always cut an extra load of firewood, never know how bad the winter is going to be... just sayin' :rolleyes:
  11. Von Helman

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    The election is deeply divided for sure. I am a Trump supporter by default only because I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. It’s my hope that all options are on the table in preventing her from winning the election and gaining control and again residing in the White House. I think she is just that evil which means I have no choice but to vote for an egotistical self absorbed Billionaire who doesn’t have a clue but I just feel that’s a better option to buy the world more time.

    Hillary sold out the American people long ago and Karma needs to pay her a visit really soon!

    As for prepping, thankfully our family is fine and will endure.

    As a bean farmer let me say you cannot go wrong with beans; their shelf life is VERY long if properly stored. However what many people fail to consider is beans need a lot of water and heat to cook so be prepared to have plenty of fuel and water on hand to go along with the amount of beans you have stored.

    A helpful tip regarding preparing beans,

    Soaking beans in water for up to 24 hours before you cook them helps a great deal to soften them up and reduces the amount of fuel you need to use to cook them.

    Also long thin candles, you can never have enough of these and I'd suggest stocking up with several boxes and always have at least 200 of these types of candles on hand. Keep them in a dry cool place along with enough matches.

    You can get creative and take an empty plastic soda bottle and turn it upside down and leaving the plastic top screwed on cut the bottle in half about an inch and half up and this will create a cheap easy candle holder that has a base that you can use to sit it while the little ring from the plastic bottle will catch any melting wax.
  12. terri9630

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    I can't imagine storing water to wash a vehicle. During an emergency water is for cooking, drinking and necessary sanitation. Showers are nice but not necessary, a bucket of water and a wash cloth will suffice.
  13. Meerkat

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    I agree. We just sowed bean seeds last week. I think the butter beans have the most protein, do you agree?
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  14. timmie

    timmie timmie

    got my seed all sorted out for planting next year. now i'm going to work on canning meat on sale. either way ,the american people are screwed. i plan on having enough to feed my family and help others when i can.
  15. recon-1

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    Looks like Survival Acres is no more. It's now this place.
  16. Von Helman

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    Not sure which have more protein but we grow black beans and pinto beans.

    What I do know is we have a lot of beans and regardless of which ones have more protein only those individuals who prep will be eating anything with protein while others are eating dirt or stealing to feed themselves and their family.
  17. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth


    :) can't argue with that.
  18. Von Helman

    Von Helman A very simple man

    All I know is beans are high in protein but at what levels for each different type of bean is a moot point in my book.

    Thankfully we're classified as commercial farmers due to the amount of beans we grow each year and we produce a lot of beans each yea. We eat beans at every meal and as the old saying goes, eat what you store.

    We will be eating beans and fresh meat until Jesus returns or until the day we die, whichever comes first.
  19. neil-v1

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    I don't think it will be an election problem. I myself am more worried about the Russians and their troop build up on Ukraines western border. I prep as much as my finances allow, and on a pretty constant basis. I bring up the Russians simply because I think their next big move will be as our election happens.