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    I have been doing some reading up on the 'net about earthquakes and volcano's that might impact my area. While doing some reading on Wikipedia, I started to understand what impacted my area of the world in 1980 when Mt. St.Helens popped her top. I lived just north of Spokane at the time, but, I don't remember too much (I was still quite young then), but what I do remember, I still remember well. Some of the things I remember was that my father washed the vehicles daily to remove the ash build-up. I also remember my father telling me that the weather patterns changed significantly and winds blew harder than ever remembered in our area.

    Something that I didn't realize is that the Government of Canada updated one of their pages with some information regarding the west-coast and the fact that they are almost expecting a 6+ earthquake to hit the Vancouver / Victoria / Seattle region, and, with that expectation, many buildings (and the people in those buildings) will be damaged, possibly severely. You can read more at Natural Resources Canada webpage. Another link to the west-coast and possible earthquakes (also updated in 2008) is at FourWinds website. I haven't found any "very current" news on earth quake activity in / around Western Canada and North Western USA. It really surprises me about that fact due to the massive earthquakes that recently happened.

    I don't know of our US-neighbors will be able to watch these videos from Canada's CBC archives, but, there are some very interesting news reports from the 60's till now regarding earthquakes:
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    People in earth quake and volcano zones should study up on them and put a plan together. I wonder when Ca. Is going to have their next biggie, especially after these last two. I say we should end plate techtonics now and reunite Australia with New Zeland.:D

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    Eeeh. :/ Definitely something to think about when considering where to move to, eh? Thanks for posting this, I'll pass that link on to my friend in Vancouver.
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    Here's the best link I've ever found for earthquake activity. "Latest Earthquakes Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas and Magnitude 4.5 or Greater in the Rest of the World - Last 7 days"
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    Lake Windsong,

    What I was meaning was news from the news stations. They all seem to be broadcasting all the major stories over and over again with "up to the minute" updates on Haiti and Chile but, when I do further reading on the news sites, I don't find any details about some of the other quakes that I have found through other searches - of course, nothing really reported through the normal media channels for 2 years.

    BTW: I like that site that you posted! From their FAQ