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Preparedness in the US

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FEMA offers many free online preparedness type courses.

You can get Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) at CERT : CERT Training Materials

The American Red Cross offers training nationwide. Look for a class near you at Take a Red Cross Course.

In the state of North Carolina there are statewide organizations like the North Carolina Ranger Corps (North Carolina Ranger Corps) and the NC Emergency Reserves (NCER). These two organizations in particular use a combination of FEMA, CERT and Red Cross training for some basic incident response and first aid training. Add to that deeper specialized emergency management preparedness training like Search and Rescue, wilderness brush craft survival type training including incident response training in logistics, resource management, etc. and you have a very well prepared citizen.

Preparedness organizations are plentiful if your willing to get involved. Many offer the training free! If you truly are working to achieve preparedness seek out organizations like these to help you develop skills in areas where you may have weaknesses. You will learn a lot and they are looking for help from your participation.
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Good post. I'm a firm believer that skills are better than gear. It's hard to acquire a new skill and get training after a disaster. Training seems to be what people neglect the most. It's too bad really.
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