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    I came home from work yesterday (Friday) to a power outage.

    No problems here at our house. Did I want to cook dinner on the propane stove, grill, fireplace or build a fire in the yard? Need light to read, crochet or whatever: fine we have lanterns, oil lamps, candles, flashlights (crank and battery). Need to know what is going on in the world: pull out the crank (and battery) radio. :D

    We were fine. :flower:

    The neighbors?:cry:

    Were in a panic. When our power went out so did the shopping center. No grocery store, fast food, gas station, traffic lights, it was ALL out. To hear them all going nuts because they were going to have to go to the next town (5 miles away) to try to buy dinner and lighting was funny (but not the ha ha kind-well maybe a little :ignore:). I could not believe how ill prepared they all were. To not even have flashlights:eek:!

    How long was the power out you ask. 2 hours:eek::eek:

    What would these people have done if this had turned out to be a long term outage? How would they have made it? I realized that if something major happened we would have to be so very secretive about our abilities. No one knows that we prep, but if they realized that we have all of our "camping equipment" and can continue to cook and bake, heat and light our home....I am afraid we would be over run by them.

    On a side note:

    I was amazed to find out how many kids live in my neighborhood. There are a lot that I had never seen before. It was nice to see them all outside. But let me tell you, when someone yelled out to say that the power had come back on, they scattered like cockroaches and I have not seen them since!
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    back to video-gaming & virtual farming would be my guess... that 'face' isn't going to 'book' itself you know ;)

    my advice... :sssh: about your preps, otherwise you might get in a situation like I have... with neighbors asking to run hundreds of feet of extension cords to their houses, one thing about my neighbors tho... they never balked about buying gas for the generator, so maybe they're not thaaat bad :ignore: :rolleyes:
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    One thing the grid interties have done ,other than provide more constant electricity, is to get people more addicted to the juice, this spring the power was out for a couple of 12 hour or so periods, some of the people at my wifes work were paniced (the work had back up gens) no heat no phone ,they only had cordless phones, no food that they could eat without cooking. They wanted to know what my wife was going to do , She told them , go home to the ranch and cook on the wood stove like any other cold day. Dumb looks.:confused:
    If 9-11 had been an attack on the power grid things would be very different
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    You should see what's it like down here when a hurricane comes through and the power is out for up to 3 WEEKS. :eek:

    Some of these people turn into animals... stupidity uber alles!!

    Ain't it grand to be a prepper! :congrat::congrat::congrat: :D
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    I'm sure by now you know we are off-grid, the only way we know if there is or was a power failure is when the neighbors call and ask me to look after their property when they are at work.:2thumb: