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I think of myself as well prepared for nearly any event.

Now I have 2 daughters, single moms who are pretty ill with a seasonal bug (tested negative for H1N1).

My wake up call is what to do to if I need to take the children in to the clinic for care while they are down for a spell.

I dodged this bullet, but as soon as they are on their feet I will march them in to a Notary and sign some Durable and Medical Powers of Attorney.

I downloaded some free forms online and the clinics say that's all they need to see.

Anyone with any other ideas I may be missing?:confused:

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A good time to catch up on or update paperwork like wills, POA, and life insurance policies.

Don't forget to add a DNR order - if you want one. I have one. It means Do Not Resuscitate. If you become brain damaged to the point you are a vegetable it means they won't revive you if you flatline. If I'm that bad off I'd rather go straight to heaven than sit as a vegetable for the next 40 years with all kinds of tubes stuck in me.

All members of my family have DNR orders on their wills and power of forms. We all agree that we'd rather be dead then a vegetable.

Keeping wills up to date is very important. Right now in my wife's family there's a divorce going on and will discussions are taking place. Also if there are life insurance policies make sure they are up to date and that they are structured as everyone would like them.

Best wishes to your family for a speedy recovery. Your girls are in our prayers.

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