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How much have you invested in solar panels? I sure could use some help with the electric bill.

Anyway, No but I loaded my generator to paw-in-law and got it back with one leg out. It was an easy fix but I didn't know until I needed it. Not his fault other than he didn't say anythng.

I just went through 12 days of no electric with hurricane Ike. Had a generator, couple of tv's, phone, u-verse tv (like cable but over the phone line), fridge going. Internet was off a day though, wasn't too happy about that...

Most people had gens here or borrowed lines. It was a 5500 with a gas engine. Loud as all hell. Got so used to the noise that it was hard to sleep for a couple of weeks after. Used about 14 five gal cans of gas - 70 gals at 4.59 per gallon = $321 bucks. I had 10 cans which got me through until I could get gas again.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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