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Powdered Milk

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Is there a way to make powdered milk at home?

How long is canned powdered milk good for?
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Is there a way to make powdered milk at home?

How long is canned powdered milk good for?
Powdered milk is made by spraying it in a fine mist in a tall tower, and it dries on the way down. I can't think of a good way, or any way, to make it at home. The shelf life is not that great, usually just a couple of years.

We have gone to a milk-substitute made by Honeyville Farms. We sure like the taste MUCH better than any other powdered milk product we have tried, and over the years I have tried quite a few. It is a whey product. It comes in large cans, six to the case, and it much cheaper to order from the source rather than a reseller. By about a third or more. Give it a try.

Also look into soy milk. I has about as long shelflife as canned "milk" but with great nutritional value.
I have vacuum sealed powdered milk in my prepared food case and it stays good for about two to three years.
That milk substitute stuff is horrible.....

There is another way they make powdered milk, and that is by spraying it on a rotating heated drum where it dries and is scraped off.
Not really practical for home use though...
I have it just encase we really need it. The stuff lasts so long and has nutritional value.
When I was a youngster we lived in a small village 120 miles from the nearest fresh milk supplies with no electricity anyhow.
It was powdered milk or nothing.
I have too many memories of that stuff to enjoy it nowadays but I do see your point about long term starage and nutrition.
Powdered milk in cheap instant coffee is one particularly nasty memory...
This is what I bought It will store up to 10 years if kept in the cans, stored at 55 degrees. I bought regular for cooking and chocolate for drinking. I have know idea how it tastes, but the person that recommended it says it taste the closest to real milk. In a SHTF situation, it will be better than no milk.

I hope this helps.
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