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powdered milk

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I have stored my powdered milk in mason jars and kept in the dark. do you think it will keep for a few years? also i have instant potato flakes in mason jars. i am hoping they will both store like that for a while. Problem with this is that i have a few stacks of mason jar boxes now and they seem heavy and maybe there is a better way to store these items. I have been busy the past few days putting these jars up. I also am doing the butter in jars. I am getting quite a stash in just a short time, its kinda fun...
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You can buy the mason jar attachment for about $10 & then attach an automotive brake 'bleeder' hand pump (for $20) to vacuum out the air @ 25-30 psi (it has a gauge), if you don't feel like shelling out $100+ for a food vac.
Blob, are you talking about something like this ?FoodSaver® Wide Mouth Jar Sealer
Can I use this to seal the lid on a jar and than remove the adapter or does it become the lid and stay on the jar? The web page doesn't say. Thanks
Yes, thank you. I found a video on youtube that showed how to use it. They even reused regular glass jars by putting the whole jar into a vacuum canister and evacuating it. They put on the lid and left it just alittle loose. The vacuum would suck down the lid and seal. They pushed the tamper button to see if it held. Great idea! I have recycled tons of jelly and pickle jars. Now I need to keep'em
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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