Powdered Butter

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    I just heard about it and hadn't ever thought about it before. Anyone know how to make it? I get lots of home made butter as my Grandmother refuses to buy it and always makes her own. If no one has any ideas I'll try it and let you know how it goes but I'd like to cut down on the trial and error if possible. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    That's a new one to me. :dunno: Please, Let us know how it goes!

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    never tried that one, would it work like when you dry fruit paste for fruit rolls?
  4. TheShortBlonde

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    check LDS sites

    I think I've seen a reference to powdered butter in the LDS manual. You might try searching their sites for links re: how to make and/or where to purchase. Or maybe camping suppliers. Keep us posted. I think I might investigate a little more myself.
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    I know you can buy cans of the stuff for around $15 bucks.

    In order to make some powdered butter yourself, however, you are going to need to mix some butter with milk or buttermilk because there isn't enough water in the butter itself to fully dehydrate.

    To make it butter again, you would just need to add water and stir.

    I don't have a recipe for it so you are going to need to experiment. Mix some butter and a bit of milk and try dehydrating it in the oven or a dehydrator. See what you get.
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    Howdy, here is a web site I've bought a lot of stuff from, all good and very good shipping rates!...http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/

    As for powdered butter, just add water and stir...re-hydrating it...it ain't bad, I've also bought the canned butter and cheese from them and both are very good!... great for LTS... also their dehydrated or freeze dried fruits are real good.. check em out...
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    I don't know anything about powdered butter, but I've been reading about how to make fresh butter in Foxfire 1. :cool:
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    I looked and I couldn't find a how to. Any one have a link?
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    I've had powdered butter in my storage since about 1979, check the date on the box!. Obviously never opened it or had to try it yet, maybe some day though.

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    I with sailaway ... :D Something about fresh butter. <yummy>
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    yep, fresh is best but some of us can't keep milk cows, etc. Also, if the SHTF, I can't take a milk cow with me if I have to bug out, but I may be able to take cans of powdered butter. Just a good thing to have on the shelf for emergencies!
  13. Seneschal

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    You said you'd had it on your shelves since 1979...how long IS the max shelf life?? I've never even heard of powdered butter! Fascinating concept for me...
  14. Littlebit

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    I bought 3 each #10 cans of powdered butter, milk and eggs. If you can't fresh its better then nothing.:)
  15. *Andi

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    That is true! :D
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    Probably been posted here (somewhere) already but here's a link to survivalacres.com w/ a chart for dehydrated food-

    Survival Acres Shelf Life Dehydrated & Storable Bulk Foods

    Their chart says 15 years for powdered butter. :sssh: Bob, I think I would have to open one of those cans and try it. :eek: ;) :D

  17. Jeanie

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    Powedered butter

    Butter Buds (in small boxes) are/were good. Not sure if they still make them. Short term use - not a long shelf life I'm sure. Has anyone tried these grocery store brands? Prefer one over anoither?
  18. jungatheart

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    There is another solution for preserving butter. I clarify butter which removes the solids that go rancid and leaves the good, high heat, oil which lasts a long time without refrigeration and still has that good, artery clogging, taste.

    Eggs fried in clarified butter MMmmmm. It doesn't get any better that that.
  19. carlnet

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    Powdered Butter - How it is made

    Most powdered butter is not really butter at all but a mixture of cream, salt, milk protein (generally casein), and a few stabilizers and preservatives (may be organic in nature). You then take this mixture and rather than separate the oils and solids through agitation as with butter you spray dry it (pressurize the liquid and force it through a spay nozzle into a heated steam of air). You could also freeze dry it but you would have to process it further to get a powder.

    It is probably better to find a Kosher brand of powdered butter and buy it as the quality will be very high, there will be no preservatives, and it will cost much less then buying or building a spray dryer.
  20. gypsysue

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    I'd love to be able to dehydrate butter too, and have a few cans of commercially produced dried butter.

    Butter can also be canned. I've canned both butter and cheese. You melt the butter and pour it into jars, then run it through a boiling water bath for half an hour. That might be one way to use up all that homemade butter that the original poster (Katfish) was trying to find a way to do. Stored in a cool, dark place (like my root cellar) it keeps for years.

    The point of the O.P. was being able to preserve the large amounts of homemade butter he/she already had access to. Buying commercial dehydrated butter wasn't an option, though for the rest of us, we might have learned something from the expanded discussion on this.