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Our neighbors place is a wee bit larger than ours, by about 41 square miles. It's been in the their family long before Oklahoma was a state. Ours is plenty big for us and we're looking forward to next year being a bountiful one again. I'm 64, but in my head I'm still 24 and it's that way everyday. Now if I can just stop sounding like a bowl of Rice Crispies when I get up in the mornings (snap crackle and pop) LOL We are so blessed and comfortable here. I tell our Sons, life is wonderful and easy, just side step the piles of crap. Don't be stupid and stomp the piles. They don't always listen though.
We don't allow hunting on our land because most of these clowns can't tell a Deer from a Black Angus Bull.
I suppose you've noticed that I tend to drift off the subject. Sorry 'bout that. Must be this independent attitude I've always had. They called it Nonconformist when I was young. LOL

I like this pic of my wife at work with Laurel & Hardy. Much better to look at than me. She didn't want me to take the picture. :D
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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