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  1. BillS

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    Here's a question for everybody. Let's say the economy collapses. No stores are open. There's no electricity and no water. You're prepared though. You have food, water, guns, ammunition, everything. Are you going to board up your windows right away? Are you going to stay inside, not answer the door, and see if people think you're not home? I think when the SHTF that a lot of people will move in with friends or relatives or try to move far away. I live outside of a town of 20,000 in Northeast Wisconsin. I think as long as I don't hear gunfire I'm not going to do anything to call attention to myself. My stepson is 21. He and I will take turns guarding the inside of the house 24/7. Any thoughts?
  2. JustCliff

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    I would get some premade plywood panels for my windows and doors. Not too good looking though. I would also get a case (6) of flat black spray paint and a red or safety orange spray paint.

    The black will be used for around your windows, doors, eves of the roof and roof vents to make it look like smoke damage that has come through the openings. Once the wood panels are screwed on, it will look as though the house was on fire and boarded up. (Nothing inside worth having since it burnt) Use the red or safety orange to paint symbols on the front like insurance companies do.
    This will also help cut out any light from inside. Make sure to leave look-out holes that are not conspicuous. You may even want to make one that gets unsecured from the inside so you have a way out. After a certain amount of time you may not need them anymore, depending on the amount of population reduction............

    Ok there is my 2.7 cents for now

  3. SurvivalNut

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    I am laughing at myself, becasue in a PAW mass exodus/disaster, I'd see those signs and see it as fair game to salvage. I can now see me getting my @ss shot out from under me. Thanks for the heads up! (I do like the idea tho).
  4. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

    There was a story line blog written by a gal in the premise of her as she watched her family during an epidemic. She forwarded some ideas that would be very useful. It finished a little odd tho as I think a few people helped finish the story.

    I will look for the story link. In the meantime maybe someone remembers it. It took place in Florida I think.
  5. gypsysue

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    I thought it was a pretty good idea to make it look like the place had already burned! That's one I'd never thought of!

    I'd be scared spitless if we lived in a town of any size and TSHTF, which is one reason we live quite a ways off the beaten path. But even here I know we need to think about things like this.
  6. lexsurivor

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    Kn03+Al+S anybody? At the very least you can throw a gram or two at them just to scare looters off.
  7. gypsysue

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    Um....yeah.... again, in laymen's terms, please? :gaah:
  8. Emerald

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    Living in a big rural farming area I think that ANFO would be easier to make and use.
  9. OldCootHillbilly

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    Black powder an a few other things. Ya can buy an store it right now.

    It may come ta the time ya need ta board up the winders. 12 hour shifts gonna be hard fer two folk, always gonna be work needin ta be done an that will sometimes take 2 ta get it done. Not sayin it can't be done, but rest will be important to. A early warnin device would be nice, rope an cans, trip wire with a simple flashin light er such would work.
  10. lexsurivor

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    Its flash powder. Its stronger and faster burning than gun powder which cant detonate unless saled in a container. But flash powder can detonate without a container if you have enough. Video[ame=]YouTube - ‪7grams of flash powder in a ping pong ball‬‏[/ame]
  11. ZoomZoom

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    Another option instead of the burnt look is to mark it as biohazard.

    Myself, given the choice, I'd be outside when standing guard. Inside, you only have sight and that's limited as you need to always be walking to look out different windows to check your perimeter.

    For our area, we believe it would be better to block the roads coming in and have the neighbors all share in the defense.

    A problem I haven't found a cure for yet is what to do in the winter. You can't hide inside forever, especially if there's no utilities. Since plumbing and toilets aren't working, you'll need to dump it outside somewhere. That will leave footprints/tracks in the snow. It's then obvious you're there. (Same situation for bringing water and firewood in). I'm leaning towards not hiding but letting them know not to come near.
  12. kejmack

    kejmack Texas!!!

    I live a few miles south of a similar size town. My plan is to not draw attention to my place starting NOW. I keep my place looking humble and modest on purpose. There are some gorgeous brick homes on my road. I have a very plain looking modular home. I do not have a fancy barn or fancy outbuildings like my neighbors do. My horse shelter is very simple. My fencing is simple. My place is at the end of a dead end road. My like minded neighbors will be putting up a barricade if necessary.
  13. Nadja

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    I have wireless electronic detection devises. You can find these pretty cheap on ebay. I paid about $20.00 for each and they work pretty well. Good for about 300 ft. Add that to living very remote, on solar/wind and down in a small little valley we feel fairly safe.
  14. Jimmy24

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    I gotta say that after Katrina, that it was very dangerous for someone to go snooping around town, on the streets or around someones place. I'd say 90% of households in my area are armed.
    It got a little stupid a couple of times, but it got handled quickly. No one shot, but people were held at gunpoint till they could be verifed who that were and what they were doing. It got real for some. We had some people up and down the streets at times. Someone was in observation area 24/7 at our house, with a HG and shotgun.

    It ain't fun. Promise.

  15. lexsurivor

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    Unless you dont want to waste diesel. But yeah that would work better.