Possible game changer with weapons...

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    As tested in 2009:

    "The XM25, designed by Minnesota's Alliant Techsystems, has been in development for about seven years and the first prototypes have been doled out to combat units in Afghanistan earlier this month. The 12-pound, 29-inch system, which costs up to $35,000 per unit, is so sophisticated that soldiers are proficient users literally within minutes. (U.S. Army)"

    Probable configuration for fielding in link to slide show:

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    SOURCE:XM-25: The US Army's first smart shoulder-fired weapon
    The XM25

    Developed jointly by the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch and the US company Alliant Techsystems (ATK Corporation), the XM-25 is a semi-automatic, shoulder-fired weapon with a five-round magazine and weighs in at around 14 pounds (6.3kg) – about the same weight as an M-16 with a 203 grenade launcher. The weapon's XM116 integral fire system provides the weapon with its precision and is capable of controlling individually each of the 25mm rounds in real time. Based on a thermal optic, day-sight, laser range finder, compass and infrared light, the system can precisely measure the distance to the target and program each round to explode close to the mark via the wireless connection. Capable of hitting a point target at 500 meters and area targets at 700 meters with a range of munitions including HEAB, anti-personnel, two types of non-lethal munitions – blunt and agent dispersing airburst - plus armor piercing, and door breaching munitions, this is one very nasty piece of ordinance and a must have on any soldiers list.

    In a nutshell, it operates with the soldier sighting the target and the advanced laser rangefinder transmitting range information to the chambered 25mm round. The soldier then essentially points and fires. After the round leaves the chamber and moves towards its target, the system precisely measures the distance traveled and detonates it at exactly the right moment to deliver maximum effectiveness. ATK says that the XM25 increases the warfighter’s probability of hit-to-kill performance by up to 500 percent over existing weapons and extends the effective range of the soldier’s individual weapon to more than 500 meters.
    (more info at the site mentioned... looks like a neat toy):surrender:

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    Oh man, you are such a tease. I think I'd re enlist just to fire one.
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    Me likey, it would put the fear of god inta the treerats for sure, reckon we can get one for christmas? This thing will put the fear of god into the enemy over there if they have an once of sense. :2thumb:
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    It will be interesting to see how the Afgani insergents deal with this, tacticly.
    I know who will be the #1 target in a squad now. Poor guy carrying that will be hunted.
    On the other hand I wonder if they made wireless provissions to disarm captured ones or captured rounds?
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    I know they do some dumb things sometimes but i will wager they are a kill switch being it's wireless. Crap hope so anyway.
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    Looks like a great weapon. But knowing our pathetic excuse for a man currently running this established country and her military, It wont get enough funding.

    And if they do put it on the battle field it will be more of a weapon you have in the back of your stryker just in case you need it. But most of the time their going to be using their m4a1's which should have been replaced by the HK416 long ago then you would hear much less story's of soldiers being killed because their weapon malfunctioned because there was a crap-load of carbon in the receiver.

    But it would be a good weapon to add to the U.S's arsenal.
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    the Taliban will have to build more overhead cover positions.
    Makes it easier to bury them.

    In addition to overhead cover, another important thing would be movement and disperal.
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    I want to play with that beauty.:D
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    I definitely can think of sporting uses for this as well!

    The clips are neat as heck.
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    I know what I want for christmas. Screw the ALICE pack I wanted I want that kind of firepower under the christmas tree instead.