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I'm sure I can not be alone in wondering why it is that every time members of our Congress start pushing for some form of gun control there will be , as surely as the sun rising in the East, a shooting event of some sort..."every time", and the Conspiracy Theorist in me always believes there are some inside of our government who would see thousands die if it furthered their agenda... The over throw of the Constitutional form of Government we now enjoy..more or less..

I don't know if many will remember the Port Arthur Massacre which was the tool used to disarm the people of Australia . But below is a very interesting and very long article that says members of the Aussie Government helped set it into motion.. Do I believe such things could happen here in this country.... Abos - Fkn - Lutly I do..!!!

I think there is a shadow government who hides in the Hall of Smoke and Mirrors behind the walls of congress.. and I think they control everything that happens in this country and most of the world... and to ever get our country back they will have to be identified , tracked down and stopped.. wherever, however we can do it.. you may not read the stuff below but it might help open a few eyes..
happened here several times , from JFK to Tim the poor jerk in AZ , somebody pulls the strings and the puppets dance.. I'm hard of hearing so I can't hear the music...

Port Arthur massacre
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