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  1. ed12371

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    Hi everyone,
    I am looking for snap lock (air/water tight) type (maybe plastic?) bags that I can put coffee, sugar, powdered milk, etc.. into that don't break down, don't leak chemicals (over time) back into the food.

    They will be for my 72hr backpack. So I thought they would be good for tight/small storage instead of bulky containers.

    Unless there isn't any and would have to go with containers. I'm sure they would make small stainless steel containers (the best type from what I read?) that are air/water tight?

    Suggestion of either would be great.
    Thanx Ed :)
  2. Littlebit

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    Mylar bags. They have a veriaty of bags and buckets.
    Some are ziplock. There are other sites that sell them to just type in mylar. :)

  3. NaeKid

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    Are you looking for bags that will re-seal or bags that are a one-time-use-only and then they are done? To reseal, I like to use double-lock ZipLock bags that are designed for the freezer and then just "squeeze" the air out as much as possible.

    For a one-time-use, I will use my vacuum sealer with freezer-ready bags. Freezer bags are of a thicker material and do not seem to puncture as easily as the thinner vegitable bags.

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  4. ed12371

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    So Naekid,
    GLAD double lock zip lock bags DO NOT break down and release the chemical compounds that make up the bags back into the food? Say after 2 yrs or more of storage?

    Just want to be sure:)

    Thanx Mate :2thumb:
  5. bunkerbob

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    I did some research this morning and did not find 'one' negative finding about long term storage in ziploc food bags, did find however this article... Reusable Bag For Food Storage
    I did find a lot of positive findings by long term food storage advocates.

  6. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    That is an interesting patent-article.

    I like this part:

    Within reason, I will hand-wash my plastic bags as long as they are able to be washed and all previous food contents can be removed. I will do a "sniff-test" on the washed bags to see if there is anything that would make me think that it would not be a good thing to reuse.

    The baggies that I will rarely reuse are those that have held high-acid-content foods (ie: tomato-sauces) because I would not trust the bag to survive a second use (the food-acids may cause the plastics to breakdown).

    For filling the bags with GORP (trail-mix) I would have no problems with storing those kinds of foods for several years as long as the oils in the products do not go rancid.