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    Thanks Sue! That's perfect. :)

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    GypsySue, can you tell us what varieties were in the can, like what kind of squash (I can see yellow crookneck in the pic, I think), lettuce, etc? I got lettuce, onions, squash, radishes, and carrots and was wondering what kind they are. Thanks!
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    If you click on the link in my above post, there should be pictures showing the variety and planting instructions.

    Here's the list from the side of the can, with the name, such as "Kent Wonder", etc.:

    Beans, Kent, Wonder
    Beets, Det. Dk. Red
    Cabbage, Early Flat Dutch
    Carrot, Chantenay Red Core
    Corn, Golden Bantam T51
    Lettuce, Great Lakes
    Peas, Progress 9
    Spinach, Hybrid 8
    Squash, Yellow Summer Crookneck
    Tomato, Pearson
    Onion, Yellow Grano
    Radish, Imperial Red Globe

    I hope that helps. It's the only information I have.
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    Thanks - that is exactly what I was looking for. I clicked the link, but couldn't make out the variety on the growing instructions. Now to see if anything will grow. :)