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Plans include (but this list is not everything) ...

My woman and I are both wilderness First-Aid trained
I have my water life-saving certificates
I have my "fire starters" - propane, matches, flint, high-carbon-steel knife w/ magnesium strips
I have 3 BBQ's and enough propane for each one to last months
I have my Evolution E1 trailer ready at moments notice to "bug-out"
I have my fuel-tanks for gas that is refreshed regularly
I have solar-panels and generator to provide power for anything that requires it
I have entertainment systems (battery powered) for radio, CD, DVD, etc
I have enough "rotating" foods in the pantry to last close to a year (longer if I ration down) - both frozen and dried foods
All my vehicles are 4x4 w/ lockers, winches, big tires, bullet proof windscreen, bullet proof tires, and some other goodies that I will not share on an open forum
I have enough toilet paper, paper towels, blue-cloth to outfit an army for 6 months
I have enough tools to repair virtually any vehicle - and good friends with enough tools to help with the rest

Join a 4x4 club - become the "go-to" guy for anything that happens when out in the bush - and then - you can consider yourself almost prepared. My club "practices" bush living several times a year - and with the club's skills, we do pretty good.
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