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anybody know what the best foods you can stockpile that have the longest experiation dates besides mre's. my wife and i are starting to get stuff put up like water and canned goods. i want to know what else we can stock up on. we have those flashlights that don't take batteries and r gonna buy a crank style radio and i'm taking care of the security like guns, ammo, and non-leathel weapons. what else can i do. i guess thats y i'm on this forum, to get ideas and answers. thanks
We've actually compiled a self-sustaining list in the event of earth-changing events. It's not an end-all kit, but it's enough to get a family started.

1. Water (5 day supply at one gallon per day per person).

2. A good canteen and basins to catch rainwater. Also have a good supply of water purification tablets or bleach, or plan to boil your water. (one teaspoon of bleach per 5 gallons of water)

3. Food, per person, for one year:
-Wheat - 300 lbs.
-Rice - 100 lbs.
-Beans, Peas, Lentils, 50 lbs. each
-Honey or Sugar - 60 lbs.
-Salt - 3 lbs.
-Cayenne Pepper - 1 large can
-Herbal Seasonings
-Dried Milk - 80 lbs.
-Peanut Butter - 50 lbs.
-Dried Fruit
-Canned food, or dried (ready to mix) food
-Oatmeal - 50 lbs.
-Alfalfa Seeds - 10 lbs.
-Canned Sardines, tuna, salmon
-Military MRE makes a great meal
* If you have a baby, include formula and baby food. If you have
pets, you will want food for them ass well. Store food needs in waterproof containers, capable of also protecting against
insects and mice. Use Steel garbage cans or plastic 5 gallon buckets. The vacuum sealed method is also very good. If you are storing nuts or oatmeal, they smell and taste bad after a while, so they will need to be rotated. For all storing of food, the rule is: use up the old and replace with the new.

4. Manual grain grinder

5. Medicines - Assemble a standard first aid kit, with a comprehensive first aid book. Also include things for headache, upset stomach, congestion, colds, such as Pepto Bismol, aspirin, Tylenol, Excedrin, disinfectants, prescription medicines; and anything else you use regularly. Include vitamins, apple cider vinegar, honey, garlic, sage tea for colds, mint tea, golden seal, brandy (good as medicine), herbal tinctures, hops, catnip (which helps you sleep), herbs for cooking, including dried garlic and onions, cayenne pepper, cumin, basil, and coriander and salt. After you've been eating rice and beans for a few days, they'll need lots of help to make them taste good.

6. Toothbrushes, baking soda or salt to brush with, a good supply of dental floss (which can be used for other things as well) and another items you need for good tooth care. Deodorant, Q-tips, toilet paper, other hygienical goods.

7. Extra glasses, goggles, sunglasses, binoculars, telescope, etc.

8. For a camp kitchen you need: camp stove with good supply of fuel (in wooded areas, all you need are rocks and a flat tin or grill), pots and pans, plates and bowls (unbreakable)(you can use Army surplus camp kits) cooking utensils, knife, forks, spoon, spatula, biodegradable dish soap, towels, bucket to carry water, dish pan, aluminum foil, toothpicks.

9. A good tent, sleeping bag for each person, extra blankets, sleeping pads, and ground cloth - and another waterproof tarp to cover your camp gear.

10. Clothing- Have clothing for all weather. Include a good warm coat and sweaters, hat for rain or shine, rain gear, a good pair of hiking boots that will take years to wear out, warm winter underwear, wool socks, summer socks (don't wear socks with holes in them as they cause blisters) work gloves, hats, and whatever else you need for warmth and protection.

11. Hunting equipment. Hunting might be necessary for survival in some situations. Be prepared both with equipment and knowledge of how to use the equipment. First choice of a gun is a .22 caliber rifle. You can kill anything up to a deer with it. Purchase .22 hollow point bullets. If you are not a good marksman, then get a 30-30 or 30-06. A shotgun comes in handy for shooting things flying or running. The bow and arrow is still one of the best weapons.

12. Fishing equipment- Get basic equipment. Include assorted sized hooks, fish lines, sinkers, etc.

13. Wood stove- Get one with a secondary burn chamber. It uses less wood and creates less pollution. Get one with a flat top for cooking.

14. Net or netting.

15. Hand tool set (wrenches, ratchet and sockets, hammer, screwdrivers, allans, saws, pliers, cutters, scissors, bolts, screws, nuts, nails, etc.)

16. 550# test Para cord and rescue rope with carabineers.

17. Axe, hatchet, files.

18. Splitting maul

19. Flashlights with extra batteries and bulbs; long burning candles; propane, kerosene, or Coleman lantern with plenty of fuel, and extra wicks and mantles.

20. A good pocket knife and a sharpening stone.

21. Hammers, assorted nails, assorted screws, wrench set, pliers, wire cutters, screw drivers, pipe wrench, 200 feet of 1/4 inch nylon rope, duct tape.

22. Shovels, spades, hoes, and rakes with strong teeth

23. Charging system- wind, water, or solar- to pump water and provide electricity

24. Backpack- Waterproof.

25. Compass and/or GPS.

26. Up-to-date maps of the area you want to live in. This will show you land and water away from human habitation.

27. A 4 wheel drive vehicle with extra parts.

28. Tire chains for snow.

29. Radio. Have more than one. Electrical and battery operated.

30. Soap for laundry and bathing.

31. Natural insect repellent.

32. A mirror.

33. Extra toilet paper. Also keep old newspapers and telephone directories for emergencies. (Hint: if you need to use old newspaper, crinkle it up and straighten it out several times first- it's much softer!)

34. Female needs- (Use cloth pads you can wash)

35. Baby diapers- (Use cloth you can wash).

36. A basic sewing kit (needles and threads)

37. Safety pins

38. Swiss Army knife and/or Leatherman

39. Bobby pins (you can work wonder with these)

40. Pencils, pens and paper

41. Entertainment (musical instruments, games, cards, books, etc.)

42. Crazy glue

43. Patch kit

44. Cell phone

45. Cash and other items that might be used for bartering/trade.

46. Laptop computer and digital camera (who knows)

Read/Learn the Bible (especially Revelations). Come closer to God. First Aid/CPR (and the like) training. Learn farming (livestock and gardening). Self defense and practice with weaponry. Any other languages. Utilizing natural resources. Learn how to purify water. Stay up to date with all your medical/dental exams including vaccines and immunizations. Prepare yourself for worst case scenario, like living without a structured government or conveniences like emergency responders.

· Praying for America
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Also, aside from MRE's, there are some options for "gormet" meals. It's not the best, but considering a situation were you'd be living off your plan, it'll be a nice change from time to time. Costco has instant meal kits and they're pretty nice. Here's what one looks like. It's only a seven-day kit, but they also have other sizes.

· Praying for America
113 Posts's like carrying a knife in the woods to fend off a potential mountain lion may happen...but the likelihood of it happening to you is so astronomically silly you prolly have a better chance of being eaten by a shark.....while living in Nebraska......
That's what I thought up to 10 September 2001.

· Praying for America
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While I really want to be prepared, our lives are complicated by medical needs which are vital. I keep a 90 day supply of medications for both my wife and I and have a portable oxygen concentrator that will charge on 110 or 12v. Beyond that, we gather what we can for emergencies, ie: camping supplies, food, water and stuff for our small zoo.
I have little doubt that we will be attacked again. Especially after the election, to test the new administration. I HOPE I am wrong. But, as Denny said, 911 opened my eyes wide. Not paranoid at all. Just realistic.
Awareness and fear are two totally different things, but either MIGHT save you. ;)

I'm glad they're opened, though. I don't honestly know anyone who can say they had that level of awareness before then, execpt people who are PAID to.
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