Plan for Safety during Disasters?

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    Safety kits are important for all of us. Despite knowing the importance of safety kits, many of us don’t bother to have one. Whenever we come across any news about a recent disastrous event, we become conscious about our safety and start thinking about having a safety kit. But soon our daily life activities take over and we forget all about having a safety kit. In this discussion I want to know, how many of you have an emergency kit or office safety kits? What are your preparation plans for safety of your family in disasters?
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    We have 6'x6'x6' specialty ISO intermodal container fully stocked with twin 4 person tents, medical supplies, toiletries for women and men alike, sleeping apparatus, spare foot ware, gloves, coats, $70.00 in coins if we can ever make it to a pay phone (if operable), water for a family of 4 for up to 2 weeks as we live in a remote area, dehydrated food-stuffs and military-grade MRP's for 2 weeks as well, chemical breakdown toilet with spare chem's and prep'd lantrine site 500+ feet away from living area, etc...
    We have done our best to be prepared for anything that might come our way in regards to earthquakes or tsunamis as we live in the Pacific northwest. If anyone would like a more detailed kit structure of what we have compiled, let me know.

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    We have two backpacks with MRE's, water, change of clothes, medical items, personal toiletries, cards, paper & markers, safety pins, sewing kit,
    flashlight, radio, string & rope, tent, sleeping bags, folding stove & fuel & sawyer water filter bag. some misc items. Yes we can carry it, hunted for a long time for light weight items
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    I have my GHB in the car. I work in the courthouse it has a shelter in the basement. I have 3 routes planned to get me home. There is extra food and water in my office. We have a medium size first aid kit in the office, but I have not looked to see how well it is stocked. The office of emergency management is in the annex next door. I have my cwc liciense and appropriate tool with me at all times.
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    I keep a BOB bag in my truck and car at all times for me and DH. We also have car trouble kits in the vehicles and always keep 1/2 a tank at least in each. I change clothing and rotate the food in all bags when we change time twice a year. We arent bugging out to a location as we moved there fulll time. However being stranded, fires, floods or other events call for these preps. We ave other plans in place for different scenarios.:wave: