Plan for Foreign Troop Deployment in the U.S.

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    Each of you will have to form your own opinion on this...IF true it's chilling.. I see no reason to disbelieve it seeing the contempt our leadership seems to hold us in...

    Plan for Foreign Troop Deployment in the U.S.

    April 1, 2011
    Douglas J. Hagmann

    On 31 March 2011, this author spoke with a law enforcement officer who is a deputy chief of a police force situated in the northeast portion of the U.S. Due to its strategic location, this police agency and this officer in particular routinely interacts with federal agencies, including but not limited U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He's been a law enforcement officer for over 20 years and was assigned to participate in a number of federal operations at the request of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shortly after it was created. Since then, he has been tasked to work with the above agencies, among others, for various periods. As a result, he has become friends with several agents, including one who attends his church.

    I initiated the contact and directed him to the article on your website, Alert form Law Enforcement Officer, dated 28 March 2011. As I contacted at work, he did not have the time to talk or review the article, but promised to contact me from home after his shift. I received a call from him at approximately 1900 hours on this date, and was not prepared for what he told me.

    First, he stated that once he became involved with the federal agencies, he underwent an initial and very extensive six-(6) week training course that was "classified." He was not even permitted to tell his wife or family where he was going for training, and would not disclose the location to me except to say that I would be familiar with it. Once he arrived at this facility, he was permitted one telephone call per week home to his wife, which he was told was being "monitored on both ends." He described the training as paramilitary in nature, with particular focus on urban "combat," house to house searches and the disarmament of "hostiles and civilians." He was provided with military issued equipment not used by police departments. At the time, he did not think too much about it given the attacks of 9/11 and the threats he was told existed inside the U.S.

    Following his successful completion of that training, he underwent additional training of a more "technological" nature that included the use of military weapons and specialized weapons to disburse crowds. He stated that some of that equipment was dispatched to Pittsburgh, PA in advance of the September 2009 G-20 summit. He stated that although only one or two of these "special weapons" were actually used, they had lethal weapons designed for use against crowds stored in tractor trailers nearby. The trailers were actually leased by a federal agency and indigenous to the Western Pennsylvania area, while the trailers were unmarked and operated by federal agents capable of driving the rigs. Based on their appearance, no one looked twice at the tractor trailers. Some agents even joked afterward that the media was broadcasting within "spitting distance" of the trailers, and if "they knew what was inside they all would have nervous breakdowns."

    It was in early 2009, prior to that event, that this source began to notice an upsurge in what he described as foreign "SWAT swaps" in federally led training. He described this as an influx of military troops from foreign counties, particularly Russia, training along with American police in these sessions that had grown more frequent. He confirmed that Iraqis were also part of the exercises, although noted that troops from other UN countries were also represented. At first, the numbers were relatively low, but they ranks of “foreigners” began to swell in late 2009 to such an extent that U.S. LEOs were outnumbered.

    In mid 2010, he said that there was one training session where one of the Russians actually was the commander in parts of the drills involving urban warfare and handing "armed domestic resistance," causing alarm among some of the U.S. LEOs. It should be noted that those who objected were immediately scrubbed from the exercises. That scrubbing seemed to take care of further complaints as word among U.S. personnel spread to future training.

    Additionally, this source confirmed that "contract employers," including Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) were present at these training sessions, observing and actively recruiting officers (usually younger officers with prior military experience). Some LEOs were approached and offered very lucrative contracts in countries now in the news for the outbreaks of violence. Although he was not approached, it was not uncommon for anywhere between 3-6 trainees per class to accept such offers, rumored to be valued well in excess of $100,000.00 plus "expenses." These contracts were reported to be for 12-18 month periods. According to what he learned from a higher source, some selected LEOs and those who were hired as contract employees were selected as candidates to carry out "Lethal Finding" orders, which is an order directly from the U.S. President to conduct "hostile renditions" and even assassinations of enemies, “including in the U.S. if necessary.” Although “Lethal Findings” are not uncommon for operatives of the CIA operating in foreign countries, he stated that he found it very odd to indicate the possibility of domestic use.

    Consistent with your article, many of the Russian and Iraqis originated from Canada, where they are currently stationed. He added that he began to feel that the exercises were not meant for overseas details, but for asset allocation on U.S. soil. His suspicions were all but confirmed during a debriefing when the commander of one of the exercises asked if anyone in the class had any misgivings about 'real-world' deployment within the U.S. if ordered by the president" to counter social unrest." [Emphasis mine]

    Not one hand went up.

    Additional: According to this source, an "asset scrub of an unprecedented scale" was conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency immediately after Barack Hussein Obama gained control over the agency through various appointments. Many of the most valuable agents stationed in key positions in north Africa were replaced. He described the events as unnecessary "cold turnovers" that had a negative impact on the operation of the agency.

    Douglas J. Hagmann
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    Something like that would not suprise me any at all. Our govt. considers its people us to be the enemy.

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    I always figured the gov had something like this in place, this article just helps to justify my belief. Scary is not the appropriate word for this.
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    I saw this going on a lot when I was a Marine. Just stationed in 29 Palms they would constantly have foreign troops from Iraq, many european countries, S. Korea, and so forth coming in to do the MOUT course. MOUT if I remember correctly stands for Marine Operations in Urban Terrain. At the time I didn't think much of it, figured they're either NATO or UN allies and are training to provide support in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there are also many operations like the one described in the OP where they are basically training foreign troops, local police, and fed LEO's to act as paramilitary civilian dissent suppressors, basically. Scares the crap out of me because we all saw how Blackwater alone acts when turned against the people of this country in New Orleans during Katrina. Imagine that nationwide or continent wide or even possibly in all the UN nations simutaneously.:goodluck:

    P.S. For further reading the operations I can think of are Operation Vigilant Guard and Urban Warrior. I'm sure there's more.
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    Went to SERE school with foreign instructors in 1967.
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    Yea, I heard about this years ago ... from some folks in the Navy. :sssh:
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    NATO Troops .... No Doubt What-So-Ever

    Anyone have any doubts that european troops would intervene, requested or otherwise, if rioting and urban unrest went nationwide and guard/fed troops were unable or unwilling to quell ......

    Could we get them back out and establish a democratic government? ..... lots of countries, we call friend, wouldn't mind a disjointed US or maybe a colony area for their own breadbox ....
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    Something evil this way comes. Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best.

    CH0PSV1LLE Member

    my mom told me about this a few months ago....... It makes sense. But it makes me wonder, are those foreign nations giving "us a hand" or looking after investments?
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    When I was stationed there from 98-02 I saw alot of this aswell.
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    Have you seen these MOUT training areas? They're real construction, brick and mortar, timbers and nails. Shingles, siding, wiring, street lights, the whole ball of wax. Some look like a market village in BFE. Some look like Suburbia right in our own back yard. Eeerie walking (rucking) by them.
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    For some reason...I do not think they are giving us a hand at all...

    they are doing this to get an upper hand should they want to attack from within...what is happening ! I find this distrubing. :dunno: