Pit Solar Stills and Hanging Water Filters

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    I got this information from eHow and it's good information to know. :D

    Gathering water through the use of a solar still:


    1. Clear plastic sheet for cooling condensate.
    2. Sheet anchor stones (in a shallow ditch).
    3. Condensate runs along sheet to drip into can.
    4. Collection can, at bottom of dug pit, holds condensate & tube end.
    5. Drinking tube from can bottom to outside still.
    6. Soil or other material, containing all the water you hope to drink.

    Here's a diagram on creating a water filter that hangs from a tree or other item out of a plastic bag, sand, rocks, and charcoal.


    click in the photos to enlarge them. :p
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    48 views and no replies? I thought it was interesting :dunno:

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    I think it's interesting. Just now saw it. Good info to store away.