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Pinto ie. SoupBean

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Just bought 4 25 lb bags of pintos for $13.49 each. That's 0.53 cent,s per lb. At least i think it is, fair price i thought. It,s C&F food,s inc. brand and they look good. Going to pepper and bay leaf it, seal in 64 oz juice jug,s. Should keep very well. Scored it at the local Save-A-Lots. A little here and there.
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I know why the bay leaf, but what about the pepper?

It's nice to hear them called "Soup beans"! I haven't heard that since we moved away from SE Kentucky 8 years ago!
lol, about putting the beer in a poke! I still "pack" my groceries, plug up a cord, have a car that tears up, love shuckey bean, home-grown sorghum, and remember that the four food groups are beans, bacon, lard, and whiskey!

Ya'll sitck around!
Don't feel bad. Most of my kinfolk are in cities too. They think we're "quaint" out here in the sticks, but always say how much they envy us! lol
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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