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Pinto ie. SoupBean

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Just bought 4 25 lb bags of pintos for $13.49 each. That's 0.53 cent,s per lb. At least i think it is, fair price i thought. It,s C&F food,s inc. brand and they look good. Going to pepper and bay leaf it, seal in 64 oz juice jug,s. Should keep very well. Scored it at the local Save-A-Lots. A little here and there.
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We have always used pepper in our leather britches when we bagged them. Seems to help keep the bugs out. Yep about 20 years ago i was in Columbus Ohio and asked the store clerk to put my beer in a poke, i thought i,d slapped her, she didn't know what a poke was. He! He! :D All i heard as i left the store was dam hillbillies.:D
And ta think i have a whole passel of kin in NewYork City. The Bronx i reckon even a few in jersey lol! it,s my mom,s side. They are quite a few. Spent two years up there i reckon, glad i was to small to remember that. ;D
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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