PICTURES: Mexican Drug Lord - Home Raided

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  1. watchman220

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    I just don't know what to say. If this is how they are living off of the Mexican / USA border drug trade...then they are greedy to say the least. Hoarders for sure.
    These pictures are amazing!

    Mexican Drug Lord - Home Is Raided
  2. allen_idaho

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    Relevance? What is the message here? That we should start selling drugs? I guess it is one way to afford that multi-level bunker I've always wanted.

  3. watchman220

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    The relevance is the drug war in Mexico is becoming bigger than just a drug war.
    It is economic...and explosive.
    Curtailing drug rings like this is part of border patrol

    If you have not been paying attention...(no disrespect intended)
    Arizona is starting to heat up...quite a bit.

    Look at this!
    This looks like it is getting serious.

    VIDEO: L.A. Teacher calling for the NORTHERN FRONT of the LATIN AMERICAN Revolution.

    The discontent is simmering and boiling out there.

    A Mexican Revolution could certainly be one of the irons in the fire that creates an undesirable scenario for crack down in America.
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    Saw that teacher being interviewed today and he said, "Yes, I am a socialist, and we need to end capitalism in the US" I say, HELL no we don't. If you don't like our government then go to Mexico and live under their socialist rule! Move to Venezuala where they have a government like you want us to have. The socialists won't be satisfied until they have turned the US into a third world country, and I believe it is as much out of jealousy as anything. Their form of government cannot sustain itself, so they want to bring down any that can.
  5. TommyJefferson

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    That is beautiful plating and engraving work on those guns. Thousands of hours of labor in those guns.

    Mexican drug lords obviously don't listen to Peter Schiff. :) The value of all that U.S. currency evaporates away at 10% per year. They should have converted that cash into kilograms of gold. Easier to store and transport. Doesn't evaporate.

    At today's price of $40,000 per kilo, their 22 million dollars would have fit in 550 bars like this...

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