Picking up 'trash'??

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    We went to some fireworks last night in a town about 20 minutes away. We did not realize how big of a deal it was until we got there. It was Small Ships Review and I think the whole town came out and there were TONS of vendors.
    Anyways...one of the vendors sold the fries in a bucket. We saw a couple buckets just laying around. I wanted to pick some up but my DH would not let me. They are PERFECT for feeding our goats with! (We would sterilize first.) We feed our goats individually and the buckets have little handles and are the perfect size for the goats and the feed. But the kids are not real careful with them and they tend to get cracked...a lot!
    We did not know anyone there last night! My thinking is if we pick up a couple buckets and then move on the next person who sees us is just going to think we just bought the fries ourselves or something.
    Tomorrow we are going to the County Fair and I KNOW there will be some there just left sitting in the grand stands after the demolition derby. (Yes, I am to cheap to actually pay $8 or whatever it is for the actual bucket of fries just so I can get ONE bucket. LOL!)

    Would you pick them up and take some home with you????

    Here is a link so you can see the exact bucket I am talking about:
  2. Tirediron

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    Why care what the sheeple think??, But honestly if you pick them up off the ground or where ever they are abandoned, you look like a good member of the community, and once you pick them up the "deposit" is yours, no one would notice any one picking up pop cans would they?? And at 50 cents each new you would be making pretty good money for your time.

  3. Dixie

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    You bet your sweet bippie I would! If I had a use for them I sure would. Take a trash bag and start loading up...Oh and a pair of plastic gloves. Plastic is plastic...green is green.. You recycle plastic bags, right? Looks like it would make the grounds easier to clean also.
  4. CVORNurse

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    I would pick them up in a heartbeat! (but then my hubby taught me to dumpster dive. He is over the garbage pickup in our community and you wouldn't believe all the stuff he has brought home for us.)

    Tell hubby to get over it, and grab any you can.

    Tell him to look at it like this... if you all don't pick them up, they will just be going to the landfill in usable condition. And you will end up having to buy the buckets you need for your goats. This way, they can be recycled for your use before eventually ending up in the landfill.
    And frankly, who cares if someone does see you and thinks you are eccentric or weird.
  5. ajsmith

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    I would pick them up in a heart beat. If my wife didn't like it she could walk ten feet away from me so people wouldn't know we were together....:D

    You could always get one of those little plastic safety vests and pretend your part of the clean up crew...lol...:dunno:
  6. OldCootHillbilly

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    If yall can use em, why not? Good way ta recycle what otherwise be windin up in a landfill.

    I'm a packrat, I'll admit it, but everthin I got I have a use fer at one time er another. If ya pick em up, carry em an yer other half should have no complaint. My wife finally gave up after 29 years a marriage an accepts the fact that if I can use it I'm gonna get it.

    Besides, yer goats would appreciate it!:D
  7. PamsPride

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    Thanks guys! I knew I was not the only one that saw the value in them!

    Just so you know...
    I asked my brother to pick me up some tonight! We ARE going to pick some up tomorrow. My brother has been at the fair all week and I forgot to ask him earlier in the week. I am not sure if he will get them or not. But he totally gets me so there is a good chance he might.

    And we picked up like 9 of them last year when we went to the fair! We waited until the grandstands cleared out. I think we were about the last ones left and then we went around and picked them up! Then we went down through the back way on our way out so we would not run into as many people that we know. We actually know a LOT of people that go to the fair. LOL! We do not have any of the buckets left from last year. Kids! :dunno: LOL!
    We only passed up 2 buckets last night that I seen left laying on the ground. We would of had to go garbage can diving at the beer fest if we were to of even got more than that. There was 1 quart and 2 quart plastic milk type jugs left EVERYWHERE though!
  8. JayJay

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    I thought this was gonna be an 'aren't they nasty' thread--so I will make it one--we attended the nursing home (I have friends there--no family) and they were nice enough to provide drinks, ice in cups, and watermelon...
    So, when we were ready to leave, the employees were left to clean the mess--cups on the ground, on the picnic/patio tables---and that tells me parents of today have failed:gaah:---
    because the only ones drinking were the young with babies and young children----NOT THE RESIDENTS OR THEIR FAMILIES..
    Sorry, my rant for the day---promise.:ignore:

    Regarding the topic---I got free buckets from sam's club and some are soooo small---think they would work for you, Pam??
  9. *Andi

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    Would I pick them up ... Yes ... :D
  10. beanpicker

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    Pam , your right go back an get them , I too am know for my butt stuck in the air while bending over picing up some thing.. If it's free I'll find a use for it. I can spot a bargin a mile away..
  11. Meerkat

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    One of the best standard guitars hubby ever had came from the kids dumpster diving.It lasted for years until I had a war dance on top of it.

    Bet you anything it was a wife that threw it away.Many a fine guitas were destroyed over the heads of guitar players by their women.
  12. PamsPride

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    Ok, went to the fair last night....came home with the mother of all migraines. :( But we had a great time! I have so trained my kids!! :2thumb: After the demo the kids even gathered up all of the aluminum cans in the grandstands! I told them if they crushed them they could fit more in the few ice bags we found laying around. My kids actually call aluminum cans "money"!! "Mom look at all of this money people are just leaving lay on the ground!" "I can't wait until this is over so I can go around and pick up all of this money!" That was literally their words...money not cans. We ended up with 3 grocery bags of crushed cans! The kids even had two people that were just standing around help them pick up cans after they seen the kids picking them up! There was at least 20 or more people left in the grandstands, that seats 6400 people, when we started picking up cans. The young lady told my brother "I have HAD to collect cans for diapers before." It was very touching for her/them to help. I don't think there was a can left in the grandstands when we left! LOL! My kids have been told they get all of the money that we get from cashing in aluminum so this is their project. I THINK they are saving for a mini bike (motorcycle) they seen at Tractor Supply.
    Buckets: GASP! My DH even went around and gathered up the buckets for me while helping the kids gather the cans!! The kids got a bucket or two too. I sat the cans up for my oldest that all of the kids brought back while for my oldest to crush. We ended up with 10 fry buckets!! WOOT! DH reminded me that our record of 9 buckets last year. A lot of people took them with them because you could get them refilled at a discounted price. We even bought the $8 bucket of fries ourselves and then had it refilled 4 times!! The booth we got ours from only charged $4 to refill!! My brother bought one of the refills (so we only actually bought three refills.) The same booth had a large fry for $6 and it was HALF the size of the bucket! They overflowed the bucket too! I felt it was a good deal for fair fries! I saw another booth that had the buckets for $7.50 and refills were $6! So $4 refills was a great deal! My brother went to the fair everyday....it would have been a better deal for him to buy the fry bucket earlier in the week and then just take it back and get it refilled every night....just sayin'. LOL!
    My DH even made the comment "To bad we can't find one of those lemonade kegs laying around. I would pick one of those up and take it home and wash it." We didn't see any.... They were very cool though!

    My DH says I HAVE to write about the conversation we just had as I was writing this. Gross out alert!
    Me: "Oh, I wonder what time my brother is going to the fair today? You could drop our bucket off and he could get the $4 fry tonight when he goes."
    DH: "You threw up in it last night, remember?"
    Me: "Oh yeah! I don't think he will want it!"
    (I got sick from the migraine.)

    We took $100 with us to the fair. A gift from one of the grandmas. It was $49 to get in, $7x7 people. We spent $42.50 on fair food for 7 people. Gave my mom $5 for a welding mask for my oldest to give to my sister because she found one at a garage sale for $5 (I put a plea out on FB asking for one a while ago and my sister remembered I was looking for one) and mom is going to see her tomorrow. We have $3.50 left! All rides were included! We let the kids ride all the rides they wanted for over 2 hours. We walked all of the livestock barns. I entered a cow hand milking contest, that was fun. We saw a civil war encampment. We got a long lesson on dice and bullets and how they melted down lead to make bullets. The guy was actually dressed in authentic clothing and melted the lead down in front of us and formed the dice. There was an antique tractor show and the demolition derby! My older got to see the 'Bear Show'. Got 11 goat feed buckets and 3 bags of aluminum cans! Saw lots of people we know from church. All in all it was a fantastic day!!

    (Which led to my blog recommendation of the day: A French Fry cutter! :2thumb:
    Pam's Pride Recommendations!)
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    That's a great story, Pam! And so touching about that woman helping you who'd had to do it herself before. I think more and more people are getting it - just like what your kids said, they're leaving money on the ground.
  14. Meerkat

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    Pams got it going on for sure.Those kids are learning how to survive and not let'money'go to waste.:cool: