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Well, I do what I can to keep most of my food storage on me at all times...i.e. in the form of lipids. For some of you, this is FAT. :eek: I try to have on my person at least two spare tires. :D I also keep what I like to call 'fix-a-flat' (canned whipped cream and cheeze whiz to most of you) on hand and ready for emergencies. That's just the way I 'roll'! lol
Actually, this is important. As I get older and the trips to the border (Taco Bell) get more plentiful -due to lack of time- it gets harder and harder to even have basic cardio. My work is heavy. I need more winded excercise. Most of it comes in the form of paintball. We have a paintball team and play on it as well. This is the cardio for me. :)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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