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Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by McPrepared, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. McPrepared

    McPrepared Guest

    Do any of you guys physically prepare yourself in anyway?
  2. Copacetic

    Copacetic Guest

    Well, I do what I can to keep most of my food storage on me at all times...i.e. in the form of lipids. For some of you, this is FAT. :eek: I try to have on my person at least two spare tires. :D I also keep what I like to call 'fix-a-flat' (canned whipped cream and cheeze whiz to most of you) on hand and ready for emergencies. That's just the way I 'roll'! lol
    Actually, this is important. As I get older and the trips to the border (Taco Bell) get more plentiful -due to lack of time- it gets harder and harder to even have basic cardio. My work is heavy. I need more winded excercise. Most of it comes in the form of paintball. We have a paintball team and play on it as well. This is the cardio for me. :)

  3. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    Hunt, Fish, Garden, work on my Jeep junk, work a paying job...
    Who has time for 'Physical Fitness' with all that going on? ;)
  4. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I work in an office so when I get home as the wife allows I try to remain outdoors. Working in the garage on the Jeep or some wood project. Don't do any weightlifting though I probably should.
  5. Frank

    Frank Member

    Yes, I keep up with my basic stretching and muscle toning exercises
    it helps that my business's require me to keep up with the boy's can't let the employees see a bigger belly on the the boss then they have. 6' with a 31" waist and 180 pounds total I know slightly over weight by the government scale i should only weight 176 to be at there ideal weight.

    It works for me!:D
  6. Lowdown3

    Lowdown3 Active Member

    My son and I run 3-4 times a week. Usually it's a mile, sometimes slightly more. It's through the woods on our private property so I'm able to carry some gear and a rifle while we run. I can't tell you how many times we've run into wild dogs. First time that happened they ran at us, luckily I was armed.

    Other than that, we do pushups regularly and a fair amount of physical labor around the homestead.

  7. Tex

    Tex Pincushion

    I ride a bike and lift weights 5-6 hrs/wk and sometimes lift lots of batteries at work. With work and 3 boys, I don't have time for much more.
  8. safetyhappy

    safetyhappy New Member

    I take the stairs not the elevator unless I have to because I'm carrying heavy equipment (don’t' care for elevators anyway). Try to get at least a 1/2 hour walk in daily. Need to get out with my backpack to practice walking with the weight again sometime.
  9. dilligaf

    dilligaf Well-Known Member

    other than the basic homesteading via primitive means in the mountains, i dont do much:D

    Many have suggested we start a fat farm clinic here on the homestead that way we get the chores done for us and get paid for helping them with the battle;)

    Copacetic , wanna come roll with us :D The border is approximately 10 miles one way all down hill
  10. b.o.f.h.

    b.o.f.h. Guest

    I work out before I go to sleep so I build muscle while sleeping :D
  11. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    There is a report out I saw on REDDIT that says stretching is actually counter productive research is showing.
  12. littledonny

    littledonny Guest

    But if you don't stretch don't you get that condition to where your arms are all stuck 3 inches away from your body at all times (like the guys at the beach trying to walk like a tough guy)
  13. Fn/Form

    Fn/Form Function over Form

    Working with your own body weight has a lot more benefits than weightlifting, stretching only, etc. General health, dealing with stress, exertion in fight/flight, and even psycho health. Google:
    Marine Corps Daily 16
    Matt Furey

    Start slow, go at your OWN pace, pick what works for you.
  14. leprechaun

    leprechaun Guest

    Do you have a link to that reddit?
  15. sheDaisy

    sheDaisy Guest

    I would like to it as well. I love stretching and Yoga.
  16. Ones&Zeros

    Ones&Zeros Guest

    I work nights, sit at a desk, and don't sleep very well. I seldom get more than 3 - 4 hours a day. To offset the fatigue, I usually run three miles a few times a week. I'm also a student of Tai Kwon Do and Krav Maga, and I train 2 - 3 days a week time permitting. Daily training is a habit that I never lost when I left the Army. The TKD is primarily to retain my flexibility and prevent muscle atrophy. That, in turn, helps to keep me pain free. At 42, I don't compete anymore and surely wouldn't want to test my skills at my age. :(