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I didn't see a sub-forum for this, so I'll throw it in the General Forum.

I'm an Environmental, Safety and Health professional and have been involved in either public or private safety and security my whole adult life, ranging from police officer, private security, HAZMAT emergency response, rescue, training and occupational safety. One aspect of my job is to not only to try to create and maintain a safe environment, but to educate others to as well. Most of the audiance here is from all over this world, but you can benefit from some free training that FEMA offers. Their website has online courses that you can not only use for personal benefit, but also in your professional life (whatever that may be). Plus, they send you a nice certificate in the mail that you can also add to your personnel file at work, not to mention that they're great resume padders. LOL

They're work-at-your-pace courses of various subjects. Most accedited colleges accept them too. Take some time to learn. Share them with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

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