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Nope, not even close...

First of all, even the most efficient generators need about 30% more power input in the form of mechanical energy to operate than they produce...
So that would be a 30% loss right there for EACH alternator.

Car alternators are only about 50% efficient, meaning they produce about half the power that is input into them.
Aerodynamic losses to the rotor and fan in the alternators,
Heat ejected from both the windings and rectifier, ect.

That doesn't account for belt slipping losses (all belts slip),
Friction Losses in pulley & bearing systems.

Superconductors, which could be a small magnet spinning in a super cold environment and a vacuum for an atmosphere,
Could be very close...

But it's not 'Perpetual Motion' since the atmosphere and environment are man made and require energy input to produce and maintain.
I agree 100% NO such animal, never will be either. Pure physics.
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