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Perimeter Security

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Since most homesteads are on large areas of land in order to produce food or gather supplies from, how can you with merely survivalist tools secure such a large perimeter against crazy people or hungry wildlife? What kind of tricks are there to knowing someone's 200 yards away while your asleep aside from dogs?
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My place can't be seen from the road. The gate just has a warning sign on it. It has a barb wire fence that was there when I bought the land. The driveway to the place winds around to a clearing where our 2nd fence is located, this one is more fortified and has a buzzer that alerts to motion. We have 4 dogs that don't like strangers and other than the animals we dont have any noise going on. Then there are the traps I have placed in areas that would hurt and deter anyone trespassing.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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