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    Now, it could just be a crank trying to make a statement, but my Spidey-sense tells me that it was a probe run. Couple it with the other recent event (in Virginia, I believe), and it smells funny. Is the TFH on too tight?
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    ? ? ? Help! I must have missed something in the news! Aughhhhh! Clue me in...what are you talking about? :confused:

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    Gunman Sought in Pentagon Shooting

    Shots at the Pentagon this morning have police searching for the shooter.

    Police there say they heard at least five shots ring out.

    The shots were fired by an unknown shooter and some of the bullets struck the Pentagon.

    No one was injured.
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    Yup, and they also found bullet holes in the large (expensive) windows of the National Museum of the Marine Corps a couple days earlier (about 30 miles due south). Somebody is apparently running up and down 95/395 taking pot shots at landmarks with a high powered rifle. Fortunately this yahoo hasn't shot at people, yet...

    There's a fuel depot directly between the two. I wonder if they have checked those tanks lately? Maybe some of the other Wash DC landmarks?
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    You might see a spate of discoveries followed by a panic.

    One phenom is the damaged car window scenario. What happens is following a report of a lot dings in windows in one street, other reports start flooding in, then it's an epidemic. When it's realized that even cars in secure garages got 'dinged' it starts donning on folks that they've moved into old damage being discovered.

    It's possible there's more undiscovered damage, but I just betcha that someone will again notice some of the firearm damage that occurred during World War II from nervous sentries and it'll be mistaken...has happened in the past.