Pedophile advocate busted...

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    This is good, they've publically Identified this guy...the bad thing regarding pedophiles is during times of chaos and crisis, like during the Indonesian Tsunami the media mentioned concerns that pedophiles were on the prowl with so many suddenly created orphans left vulnerable and with the social system broken.

    'Pedophile Guide' Author Arrested on Obscenity Charges -
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    Unfortunately,In times of chaos and crisis..all types of scum crawl out from beneath the rocks as the cops are too busy dealing with other things.

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    I'm gonna have to play Devil's Advocate here, simply because we don't know all the facts and that you all might be cheerfully giving ammunition to people who want to suppress Free Speech.

    I thought his book was about how a pedophile can deal with it without actually diddling kids? If so, isn't that actually a good thing? The human minds is a complex thing, chemicals can get thrown out of whack and people get sexually attracted to the strangest things. I've even met someone who is physically aroused by the shape of soda bottles. If (and I do mean if) his book was about what he says it is... then why is it a good thing he's "exposed"? Do we know if the author himself is a pedophile or has he just researched the phenomenon? Why is it okay to write books discussing how to deal with bestiality but not pedophilia?

    Shoot, when I was going to college back in the day (1999), I was taking pre-psych classes and there's no mention of how to treat pedophilia, just an advisory to inform the local authorities if a patient speaks of such tendencies. How is this a good thing? Unless someone actually acts on the urge or has kiddy porn or something, it's asinine to ruin their lives over someone admitting they have a problem and trying to get it fixed. "Exposing" someone over writing a book about this is no better than "exposing" someone for writing a book about.. say.. how Hitler was right.

    And this brings up another point, let's say it IS a manual on how to molest children. Do we have freedom of the press or not? There's books written about how to make assorted intoxicating substances which are illegal to possess (but not illegal to know how to make), explosives, hell even our beloved Paladin Press gets zinged with this crap all the time. You can't (constitutionally) draw an artificial line just because you find one behavior distasteful and the other not. Either we allow instructional manuals on illegal topics or we do not.

    Furthermore, what if the text of the book remained exactly the same, except it was presented as a guide to parents as ways to tell when someone is grooming a child? Then it becomes a how-to manual on avoiding detection by concerned parents. You have to think past your initial physical repulsion and try to understand where this leads.

    Worse, I've looked all over the news sites and I can't find ANY real information. For all you people know, you're cheering the ruining of the life of someone who spent years of clinical work with pedophiles and is writing a book to try to help them.
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    Blargh. Some of his statements show he is a nutter and pedo advocate, so I withdraw that. Still, point about "howto" guides to illegal activities remains.
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    well that is intentional... didn't you learn in intro to psychology or intro to sociology about linking the sex drive to anything in advertising? :lolsmash:






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    Well ... alright then ...
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    :D You gotta admit ... there is some merit to The_Blob's post ...

    I worked for a short while (a VERY short while) for an attorney who specialized in defending people charged with sex crimes. I tend to be a live and let live kinda gal, but these folks (sexual predators) don't deserve that much leeway ... In fact, I don't believe they deserve any leeway at all.

    Some lines in the sand just have to be defended at all costs.

    Just my personal opinion from observations I made during interviews with the clients we had.
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    Children are our future we need to protect at all costs... 1st offence castorate second hang..........
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