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We have this type of thread somewhere but I don't recall where it is or what it was called. May have to root around tonight.

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Okay ... here is my replacement items for the seeds from Woody ...

1. 500 or so rounds .40 cal brass ... mixed headstamp, uncleaned, not deprimed, but most of it is once fired.

2. A Practical Guide to Living on an Acre -- The Self-Reliant Life by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I would say it is in "like new" shape even though it has been read several times.

I only go out about every ten days or so (trying to conserve gas and I actually HATE going to the post office :( ). So I'll mail on my next day out (probably Friday next week), but I will get them to you! Enjoy!
If badge bunny is still around I"d love that 40 S&w brass I"m sure I gots some stuff to get passed on too I"ll edit in a couple hours when I see what I have.

OK Edit is I have
The Walk a Disaster book wasn't really my speed it is set in a City in California and the "Big One" has struck. And a guy main character has to walk home. It was an OK read.

Brand new never read River World : The Magic Labrinth , it is the fourth book in the Riverworld Series (I accidentally ordered two of em)

And a brand new never opened fourth Complete season of Stargate Atlantis (Again accidentally ordered Two I had issues with Amazone for a while can ya tell ? ) Its new but is slightly squashed (not enough to hurt em) from storage and moving a couple times.

Sure I have other stuff but I only get so much active time a day and finding those was about all I can swing. And handing em out is not dependent on Badge Bunny being around I"m sure somthing will come around, God Karma and all that I"ll pay shipping. (Badge Bunny I"ll at least split shipping or even pay all for the brass it's heavy and costs to mail)

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Yep. The name came to me this afternoon. Now to go looking.


I searched and searched and found nothing. Just couldn't believe there was not a pay-it-forward thread on here so I thought I would start one OR pull one from the depths of internet wasteland.
YAY, mission accomplished.

If people are still looking in here . . .

I have a NEW unopened T-stat and seal for Dodge's MY08 4.7 flex fuel engine.
Just got too lazy to change it out so thought I'd see if any of y'all could use it.

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