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Not a problem, I was going to offer seeds from last year. Just had to check and see where my abundances are but most likely string beans, peas, corn. I also received a 'bonus pack' from Schuman's this year and all I am interested in is the tomatoes. I will post the official offer listing contents tomorrow.

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As my pay-it-forward I put together a little garden assortment. This is not a complete survival garden; I just packaged some seeds from my stash until bedtime then stopped. We'll call it a partial garden sampler assortment. Not sure who would benefit from it the most, a novice who wants to try out a few varieties or an old hand who sees a few strains that they would like to add to their collection. Most were originally bought from Gurney's (or a local store in NE PA) and all are commonly available. Some bought many years ago so might be crossed by now. The Jacob's Cattle has definitely morphed and lost its mostly white color that I loved. I need to find a replacement but these are doing the job fine and I like the taste. Possibly someone would like to take what they like, add some different choices and offer it up again. Up to the taker.

My disclaimer. There might be one... or two... more packages in here, or maybe one less or maybe exactly what is listed. The seed counts are approximate. If it says 50 you might get 48 or you might get 60 or you might get exactly 50. It was my bedtime ya know and the eye/mind/hand thing gets a little fuzzy when I'm tired! I did not individually count seeds but did a pouring count and would like to think every package has more than listed. If the taker is dissatisfied let me know and I'll make it up to them.

Spinach: Space (hybrid) - 25 seeds [never planted this, these seeds are from 2010]
Spinach: Giant Nobel - 50
Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing - 50 [my old staple crop]
Carrot: Lunar white - 50 [something different!]
Carrot: Tendersweet - 50 [these are my staple]
Radish: Cherry Belle - 50 [fast, early and tasty, been my staple forever]
Radish: Watermellon - 50 [first year seed saves so don't know how they will do]
Radish: German Giant - 50 [with a little TLC you can get tender MONSTERS!]
Lettuce: Romain (Unknown name) - 50 [had this a long time and forgot what it is called]
Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson - 50 [from a new purchased package, Shumway's 2011]
Lettuce: Green Butterhead - 50
Bean: Rattlesnake - 50 [from a new package, Baker Creek 2011]
Bean: Poley (I forgot the real name but they are 8+ footers and will bear in the heat) - 50
Bean: Jacob's Cattle - 50 [These are maroon, they lost the mostly white trait many years ago]
Bean: Kentucky Wonder - 50 [from a new package, Baker Creek 2011]
Bean: Green Bean- 50 [My old staple, I believe it is Kentucky Blue, 6' tall and good producer. Tastes more green beany than Poley, Caution though the Japanese Beetles love this one]
Lima: King of the Garden - 25 [watch out if you have them is soil they like!!!]
Pea: Mr. Big - 50 [shelling pea - new 2011 seeds from Shumway's]
Pea: Tall Telephone - 50 [shelling pea - first year seed save, no guarantees but I have faith!]
Pea: Wando - 50 [shelling pea - my all time favorite late spring treats, never seem to plant enough]
Tomato: Sweet Million - 10 [average cherry but they sit well in my tummy]
Tomato: German Johnson Pink - 10 [new 2011 seeds from Shumway's]
Tomato: Brandywine - 10 [my main crop 'matters]
Pepper: Caribean Red - 5 [new to me bought from Shumway's, supposed to be HOT]
Pepper: Green of some sort - 10 [forgot what it was called but a nice green pepper, my main cropper]
Pepper: Jupiter - 5 [new also from Shumway's]

I will be out of the office (no internet at home) until Tuesday, unless someone grabs them before 11:00 EDT. So, I will get them off next week, might be as long as Saturday depending on work. Just to let folks know!
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