paper or plastic?

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  1. WEcoyote

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    I have not read much on the prep subject. I tried to get what i thought would be useful to me. One of the hoarded items i find most useful and am most proud of having is so far not on anyones must have list.

    Industrial clear plastic sheeting.

    i have 600 yards of 36" rolls.

    I plan to use it as a dust cover for a small area of the basement after sealing the seams for fall out.

    Collecting dew and rain water.

    roof leak repairs.

    sled for dragging other materials over soft ground.

    hasty green house for individual plants or full beds or maybe even a full framed free standing out building.

    storm boarding windows to keep glass from flying about

    to cauk a root celler

    any number of other things.

  2. Concerned_ Citizen

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    I can definitely see the advantages of having huge rolls of plastic sheeting like that around....

    Do you have a good source of that? PM me if ya do, i would like to buy some...

  3. OldCootHillbilly

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    Emergency shelter (tent)

    Emergency rain poncho

    With duct tape ya can make bags
  4. Jason

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    We use the same stuff on our living room windows in Winter. Does a good job of keeping the draft down until we can get the rest of the windows replaced. We are replacing them slowly, as we can afford to do so without racking up debt.
  5. Woody

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    I have rolls of 4 mil and 6 mil clear and black plastic. I’d have to check but I believe the sizes are 20’ x 100’ and 12’ x 100’, random for both clear and mil sizes but black is only in 12’ - 6 mil. As you listed my plans were for a greenhouse, roof/wall patching and blacking out windows for nighttime. I am also slowly stocking up on framing materials like lumber, nails and such. Not enough to build a new house but to build a small greenhouse or enough to make a suitable roof or wall patch if need be.

    Uline is where I bought most. With shipping, their prices are about the same as what I could get locally but they have the selection of sizes and mil thickness.

    Industrial Covers - Uline

    Great selection of other bulk supplies also. Do your homework before ordering. It was a while ago but I believe it was toilet paper I looked into and it worked out cheaper to buy locally, even not on sale, sheet for sheet than ordering by the carton.