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    I've mentioned that we'll be facing the threat of actions by other people, often in panic, during a crisis, but I've also am concerned that many people will use a crisis as an excuse for actions.

    Following a quake, I went into to a facility to help, knowing it'd be needed. Another man, not even assigned there showed up, knowing it'd be too difficult for him to get to his assigned place of duty. I watched others claiming to be scared rushing out of the facility, practically giggling at their desire to get out of work. I watched something interesting. Two large African-American women were claiming to have chest pains. First one claimed to have it, with as much drama as Fred Sanford. Then the other, several meters away claimed the same, complaining and clutching her chest, staggering as well. Then one had to sit down, and the other, watching did the same. They literally were doing their drama, watching each other out of the corners of their eyes and matching step for step, then they each decided they needed to lie down, first on their sides, then on their backs, then they needed to rock and moan, then shriek, and shriek louder, attention seeking at it's worse. When the paramedics arrived, these first responders were pissed. Because of triage they had to respond to these 'chest pain' injuries before actual broken bones and other injuries. They left after having to assess each of them, wasting precious time when other people were really in pain.

    These people are going to be absorbing critical resources and preventing medical assistance from getting to people who really need it.

    One of my Officers formerly from California, served in the L.A. Riots. He said that some of those looting literally believed they'd a right to loot because of a sense of public injustice and the fact that others were looting. They also pointed out that the court system would be clogged, the courts would be sympathetic because of the King Verdict, so why not loot?

    There are so many parasites out there in some places we'll have some serious problems.
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    Good Grief!! Sounds like thye have seen too many soap operas!

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    I'm pretty certain that's what's known as TNB which unfortunately is very prevalent amongst certain urban segments of the population... making it that much harder for civic-minded members of same group to not be pigeon-holed when it's going on all around them :eek: