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    I know about a few nature-based pain killers, but, I am wondering what are all the different kinds? I know that you can chew on the bark of a willow-tree which will give you ASA (counter-name = Asprin). I know that you can cook weed into a food to help relieve migraines. Depending on the kind of head-ache, alchohol can lessen pain.

    What can be added to the list of pain-killers that is easily found or grown in your own backyard?
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    I wonder how much a dose ASA is in willow tree.

    Aspirin can be real dangerous to your GI tract like all other NSAIDs.

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    It is quite easy to figure out the right dosage. If you like, here is some "history" on the willow and the theory that the ancients had about the tree:


    For substances that are considered by law "illegal" (weed), I do not believe that smoking it for a high is right. I believe that ingesting it in a food-type-substance for medicinal purposes is ok. Most doctors agree. Tylenol 3 w/ codeine (codeine being derived from weed) is prescribed regularly for those with migranes. In Canada, I can ask a pharmacist for a bottle of T3 without needing to see a doctor first (I heard otherwise in the USA).

    What I am wondering is: what other substances are there that can be grown and used (or processed) at home that will kill off my regular migraines?

    This town in known for its "chinook migraines" - right now, I have a headache of a 8 / 10 - and growing. One of my co-workers called in with his migraine at 4:30am - unable to even attempt to come into work.
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    But when you ingest weed, don't you get high still??
    How do you mix it into your foods exactly, NaeKid?
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    codeine is a derivitave of the poppy plant called Popiver somniferum, or the Opium poppy. it is a strong opiate that reacts with your body chemistry to produce morphene. its a really interesting process, but has nothing to do with weed. alternately, tylenol shouldnt be mixed with anything, and is one of the worst pain killers you can take when mixed with other things. taken in the rigth doses its ok, but otherwise it can be fatal. i had to ingest a tube of activated charcoal because of tylonal, and was pushing black goop for about 3 days afterwards. anyways, hope this helps -

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    Are you saying that Tylenol shouldn't be mixed with ANY other meds?
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    Rather than looking for things to treat the symptoms, (pain,) I would search for what is causing the migrains in the first place. It could be as simple as a food allergy or something in your environment.
    Dr Mercola's website has all kinds of information about treating illnesses naturally and safely. Often times, when you make changes to treat one problem, many other problems will be helped as well.
    I had a killer migraine that lasted three days. I couldn't even eat. I found out that it was caused by too much sugar. I had been eating lots ice cream that week. Sorry Ben and Jerry, we can't see each other anymore.
    Just google Dr Mercola.
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    Marijuana can give you a "body-high" if you eat too much of it which is a different kind of high that you get from smoking (head-high). If you visit a forum like Roll - it - up's cooking section, you can learn more about it.

    The basic rule is that you need a fatty-substance to bond with the marijuana. Milk and cream seem to be very good. From that, you make your foods. IceCream, Brownies, Cookies, French-Toast .. whatever that would use milk or cream in the cooking. If you eat till you are stuffed - the high that you receive would be minimal - but - longer lasting. Kind of like doing an "OverDosing" of Advil or Excedrin.

    I won't get into the specifics of preparing the milk / cream / etc because you can find way more information at Roll-It-Up - more than I care to cut-n-paste into here.
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    It is true that some head aches and migraines can be limited by the food's that you eat. I eat a "perfect diet" for limiting migraines - yet - I suffer from them every weather pressure change. I can watch the barometer change and feel it in my body / head.

    You can read more details at the Wikipedia .... Migraine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I've always heard that you can take just the seeds and stems and boil the THC out of them. You use butter, which is very fatty. You can also use the actual buds for a more potent brownie or whatever you choose to make.
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    Yeah you can extract THC out of marijuana stems, but the seeds on the other hand contain no thc at all. So the seeds are only useful for growing the stuff.

    There are many over the conunter and prescription meds that one can use to combat migraines. I find that alieve or Naproxen Sodium to work very well. They usually come in 220mg pills(unless its prescription strength) that you are directed to take no more than 2 in a twelve hr period and 3 in a 24 hr period. For a migraine headache I would take 2 at first so that you have a better chance of getting rid of it or at least knocking it down to where it is bearable.

    Ibuprofen and tylenol can help to, but may not be the best a getting rid of your headache. Theres not much more than that for over the counter pain killers.

    As far as prescriptions are concerned there are a few different routes you can take. There are the opioids like your Tylenol #3's, hydrocodone, and percocet. They don't go w/o the risk of becoming very addicted though.
    There is Fioricet which is a mixture of a barbituate and acetaminophen, which can also be addictive if misused. Another prescription migraine medicine is Immitrex(sumatriptan), which has a very diffrent method of action and is not a narcotic or addictive. You can find info here ( Imitrex Information from
    There are probably more but I don't want to go on forever.

    One herbal remedy for the treatment of migraines is Passion Flower which acts on the GABA receptors and has sedative and muscle relaxing properties (Herbal Remedies ~ Passionflower)

    You could always grow your own poppies and make tea out of it, but it is illegal to do. You can grow it, but once you cut it to make tea or anything else it becomes illegal.
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    Pain is Real Concern

    I have found it is real hard to find good info on pain meds because of the real abuse out there. I suffer from chronic back pain and the best thing I can think of is to save medication so hopefully I have enough to last until a crisis passes. I am fully functional, the worse side affect being sleepy most of the time. There are great non narcotic pain meds that you might be able to get from your doctor such as some of the anti nerve agents used for siesures (sp), anti spasm, etc.......
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    My best advice is to try to switch off between milder OTC pain meds and better working narcotics. Keep a heating pad around, it's always my best friend when I'm having lower back aches which I suffer from about twice a week.
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    I would say your best bet for pain medication would be poppies they are legal to grow just not to extract but in a survival situation I'd do it in a heartbeat same for weed I don't grow it but you bet if **** hit the fan and I got ahold of some seeds they would be in with the rest of my medicinal plants and as far as migraine/cluster headaches I've read of good results with low doses of psilocybin mushrooms but again a natural helpful (I know its not a plant but...)plant is made illegal but the spores are not so you could get some prints and stick em in the rest of your supplies/seeds
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    I do not recommend THC as a pain management solution. It is highly ineffective. If you do suffer from chronic pain I suggest finding a clinic that will provide "nerve blocks" in order to stop the pain. This involves the injection of a very small amount of local anesthetic (usually marcaine or xylocaine) into the muscle tissue near the nerve endings that carry the pain signal.

    It works the same as as when they "freeze" your tooth at the dentist. Except they are freezing the tissue around the nerves that carry the pain signal.

    This type of treatment usually gives 100% pain relief within minutes of being administered and last anywhere from a week to several months. It is also non addictive and has no lasting side effects.

    This is much better than using highly addictive opioids. Opioids are central nervous system depressants and if taken in improper amounts or in combination with alcohol they can lead to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. Opioids in addition to being addictive impair the thought process and cause many negative side effects. If taken for more than a few weeks you will become chemically dependent on them and will have to go through a horrible painful withdrawl lasting over two weeks. Then your original pain symptoms will come back.

    Anyone is Ontario is welcome to come here for nerve blocks for head, neck and back pain.

    Rothbart Centre for Pain Care - Home
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    I had some of the shots, but they did not work that well for me. I really don't want to do that again if I don't have to. I had to live on Vicoden to deal with the injections. They were terribly painful. I understand there are different kinds of epidural injections.Mine were done under a big exray type machine so they could see where they were injecting the meds. The cost was unreal. Thousands of dollars per shot.
    Here we have private health insurance.
    I wish we could buy the tylenol with codeine. That would be great !
  17. Magus

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    Certain types of meditation function well as minor pain killers.
  18. Canadian

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    Lucy - I'm willing to bet that you were misdiagnosed and the injections were of the wrong type in the wrong place - unless of course you have an very uncommon medical conditions that is the cause of your chronic pain.

    An xray machine isn't needed in order to do injections unless they were diagnostic blocks for discography (or some kind of other diagnostic radiology) where they were injecting dye and anesthetic at the same time. Even then the xray should have only been used once for the diagnosis.

    Here in Canada the treatment is free and physicians don't send patients for all kinds of expensive and unneeded tests.
  19. set2survive

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    I get the part about unecessary tests, but how satisfied do you think the average Canadian is with the national healthcare system there? Just curious?
  20. Canadian

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    For the average person I'd say completely satisfied. For a person with a rare illness or extreme medical condition I'd say the care is great. The only problem is waiting lists.

    There are some situations where people have to get on a waiting list for an operation. In the U.S. there would be no waiting at all. However, many of the people who need the services in the U.S. would not be able to afford them.

    Being Canadian is great in regards to health care. If you get sick, get hurt, or have anything health related go wrong you just show up and get it taken care of free of charge.

    The U.N. ranks Canada 30th in the world in health care. The United States is ranked 37th.

    If anyone on Canada wants to jump the line they can always fly to the U.S. and pay the prices they charge. Nobody does though. I also think the insurance system in the U.S. is a giant joke.

    Why would I pay money to a company who's job it is NOT TO PAY when I actually get sick? That's how they make their money. We don't have to worry about insurance or pre-existing conditions or taking anyone to court if we get sick.