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Tampon brands

I keep a stash of regular size (for light days) nondeodorant OB brand tampons. They are applicator less and just comes wrapped in a little plastic wrapping. They have worked great for nosebleeds when our boys played football. You just have to trim the string so it's not hanging down their face. We have also used the store brand (Kroger is our store) of maxi pads for bleeding wounds in our house. When Bob whacked his head in the garage, I just duct taped a maxi pad over it (he's bald) and drove him to the emergency room. The attending was an army doctor and said they do the same thing in the field. You would not necessarily keep something in long enough to develop TSS, which is of bacterial origin, both staph and strep. I would definitely buy the purest quality I could find. There are plenty of organic brands out there, but I'm not sure that an organic tampon for a nosebleed is what I'm after.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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