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Ozark Trail Multitool

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This tool is nice, cheap, but horribly broken. Mine came with a missing screw, and broke the next day. I guess you get what you pay for but this was really, really, bad. It's ok for emergencies, but sucks as primary. Overall, I can barely, but I still do recommend this product. It's meh by my standards.

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I have a Leatherman Surge (more than 1 ) they are really handy, I did manage to break the pliers, but I mailed that unit to leatherman and they sent me a new one. (Don't apply side torque to the pliers they don't like it) the surge has several multi option tools, you can get replacable screwdriver bits and the saw holder can also hold a file. The first Surge I received as a gift, it came with a selection of screwdriver bits. (I think they are about $100.00 new here)
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